Hourman #16

    Hourman » Hourman #16 - Snapper Carr: Super-Traitor! released by DC Comics on July 2000.

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    “A SILVER-AGE SHOCKER!” Wayyy back in the classic JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #77, Snapper Carr betrayed the JLA to none other than The Joker-a mistake that led to the shameful exit of the League’s original misfit mascot. But just how did that parting take place? And what was Snapper’s side of the story? Join us as Snapper and Hourman revisit one of the saddest chapters in JLA history.

    Still reeling from his torture at the hands of last issue, Snapper Carr is curled up in his bed with Starro the Cat. Hourman takes over the narration for this issue, using it as a toll to try to bring Snapper out of his funk. Hourman uses his Hour of Power to enter Snapper’s timeline, walking through Snapper’s past to prove to Snapper he is not as bad as he thinks he is.

    Hourman and Snapper relive Snapper’s early life with the Justice League of America. They relive pieces of his past, such as when he aided the League against Starro, and when he was made an honorary member of the League. However, they soon draw to a pivotal point in Snapper’s past, one that he has been dwelling on a lot since his return: his betrayal of the Justice League.

    We find out that Snapper was approached by a man named John Dough. John has a wat with words, and convinces Snapper that he has turned on humanity. He tells Snapper that it is humanity that must reign, not the super-heroes or super-villains. John convinces Snapper to hand over his key to the Justice League’s Secret Sanctuary. It is later that we find out that John Dough is actually the Joker.

    The Joker, armed with a key to the Justice League’s headquarters, ambushes the League. He uses various devices created by Dr. Light and Kanjar Ro straight out of the League’s trophy room. With that technology, he is able to fight the League to a standstill. Martian Manhunter lends his will to Batman, who finally takes out Joker. Joker reveals that it was Snapper Carr that betrayed the League.

    Snapper, wounded from the fight, left the Justice League in disgrace. He could not bear to face the League after what he did. That regret still haunts him to this day. Bethany reveals that the reason she and Snapper got a divorce was because Snapper always thought he wasn’t good enough for her.

    Hourman reveals to Snapper that his betrayal helped make him the man he is today. That he continually strives to represent the common man, and that the person he is now is the person that Hourman and Bethany like. We leave with Snapper taking some solace in Hourman’s words.

    Note: This is a fairly straightforward retelling of Justice League of America #77, with minor post-Crisis retcons.


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    A Special Issue 0

    A chance to see Rags Morales doing a stint with the JLA can never pass under the radar of any DC (or Rags) fan, especially when the art comes with amazing dialogue and background story, a sad and touching tale of how Snapper, the boy whose the JLA adopted as a mascot, was lead to believe super heroes were a threat to normalcy, to the regular people, so driven by fear he allowed Batman´s greatest foe to enter in the JLA´s lives and wreck them from insideout - it´s difficult to point out the best ...

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