Hourman #13

    Hourman » Hourman #13 - Hourman One Million, Part 3: The Perfect Crime released by DC Comics on April 2000.

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    “HOURMAN ONE MILLION PART 3: THE PERFECT CRIME.” At the conclusion of DC ONE MILLION, the time-bending Hourman decided to make the 20th century his home. Now his teammates from the 853rd century—Justice Legion A—need the Man of the Hour’s help to face an incredible new threat!

    Continued from last issue. Hourman’s consciousness has been placed in a new body by the 853rd century Metron and by Tyler Chemorobotics. While Metron is reborn, the Blackhawks have been trying to enforce the blockade of Rann-Prime against the Else Spheres, but are unsuccessful. The Else Spheres have launched an assault against Justice Legion Alpha’s headquarters.

    On Hourman’s Timeship, Snapper Carr and his friends have been lost in time for an unknown amount of time, but the length has been taking its toll on the group. Gary Lenin has lost his wits, forcing Snapper to take away his gun. Bethany has been trying to meditate to alleviate the insanity, but it has only helped a little. Dr. Togg has thrown himself into his work. Torcher the demon simply sits in the corner and cries.

    Now back with Metron, Hourman looks to take his place again as Metron’s assistant. Hourman tries to rebuild the scattered Worlogog, but it is incomplete. Hourman absorbs the incomplete Worlogog, and Metron fits Hourman with a Mother Box. Hourman and Metron recall Hourman’s Timeship in order to deal with the Else Spheres, but find Snapper and his friends on board.

    The rebuilt Hourman confronts his old friends, telling them that he wasted too much of his time in the 20th century hanging out with them. Bethany is crushed. Metron puts them all in stasis while they deal with the Else Spheres.

    The Justice Legion prepare to defend against the Else Spheres, but the spheres disappear. An image of Hourman appears, telling the Legion that he has banished them to the time of their birth. The Legion feel comfortable that the Hourman they know is back. While investigating the origins of the Else Men, Hourman finds that they were created by the Undersoul that lives at the Big Bang. While this is the first time Hourman has faced the Undersoul, the Undersoul has fought Hourman hundreds of times. Hourman stops the Undersoul from leaving the Big Bang, but not before he finds he is destined to abandon omnipotence and Metron again.

    Sure enough, for the second time Hourman leaves Metron, giving him his incomplete Worlogog. Hourman returns to the Timeship, finally sharing his first kiss with Bethany. He takes the Timeship back to 20th century Happy Harbor.

    However, before the end, we find out that future Rex Tyler and Tyler Chemorobotics had places a program within Hourman when they transferred his consciousness. Tyler only has to wait for the right moment to trigger it.


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    This issue was marked for inconsistency, both in the art, dialogues and the story/narrative, to begin with the whole Blackhawk squadron was a joke and the fact that the JLA was helpless, even having such powerful members, was a little bad too, but the worst of all was the rollecoster that Hourman rode in this issue - I know that this is a big picture, like looking all that´s happened to the character, forging him, his humanity and a hook to the next arc story, but I didn´t like this issue too mu...

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