Hourman #11

    Hourman » Hourman #11 - Hourman One Million, Part One: Or Else released by DC Comics on February 2000.

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    “HOURMAN ONE MILLION, PART ONE: OR ELSE!” Part one of three. At the conclusion of DC ONE MILLION, the time-bending Hourman decided to make the 20th century his home. Now his teammates from the 853rd century’s Justice Legion A need the Man of the Hour’s help to face an incredible new threat!

    The android Hourman has been kidnapped by the Justice Legion Alpha: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Atom. Evidently, subcircuits in Hourman are designed to trigger the JLA if they detect large amounts of fear or shame in Hourman. The JLA interrogate Hourman, wondering why he abandoned the Worlogog and left the Justice Legion to hang around “primitives.”

    Hourman tries to justify his choices. He tells the Justice Legion that he was only one year old when he joined the JLA, and only two years old when he was given the Worlogog. He says that he needs to make his own mistakes and learn organically. Unknown to Hourman, while he was justifying his decisions, Batman was examining his circuitry. Batman’s concerns are unwarranted, and Hourman’s mindware only required minor and routine repairs. The JLA remove Hourman from the Force Jacket they placed on him, and allow him to go forth with his own future. While Hourman wants to return to 20th century Happy Harbor, Wonder Woman pleads with him to stay long enough to help them out on a case.

    While Hourman is in the 853rd century, his 20th century friends are concerned with his whereabouts. Snapper Carr, Bethany Lee, Torcher, and Officer Gary Lenin board Hourman’s Timeship, trying to find him. They meet up with Dr. Togg, who becomes frustrated at the interruption until he realizes Bethany is one of the people doing the interrupting.

    Back in the future, the Justice Legion has been contacted by the Adam Stranger, the guardian thought of the Rann Worlds. Evidently, there has been a mass slaughter on Rann-Prime. However, when the Flash and Superman respond, they find the inhabitants fine. The Legion knows something is amiss, but they cannot tell what it is, only that the slaughter did happen. The Justice Legion hopes that Hourman’s mastery over time will help uncover the truth. Hourman pledges to help them this one time, then he plans on returning “home” to Snapper and Bethany.

    Back on the Timeship, the gang try to figure out how to use the Timeship to find Hourman. Dr. Togg and Torcher think they can figure out how the ship works. Torcher triggers a launch of the Timeship, sending everyone into the timestream.

    In the future, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hourman head to Rann-Prime. Hourman detects the activation of the Timeship, but realizes there is nothing he can do until the current crisis is over. The Adam Stranger arrives, and attacks Hourman with a Zeta Bomb. The bomb rips parts of Hourman to Earth, while his internal skeletal system remains on Rann. Hourman is severely damaged, but he uses his time vision to reveal the truth. The massacre did indeed occur, but energy spheres have replaced the inhabitants of Rann-Prime to become their “ultimate” selves, including Adam Stranger. Energy spheres appear, and transform themselves into “ultimate” versions of Justice Legionnaires Superman and Wonder Woman.

    While two of the Ultimate Legionnaires fight their counterparts, Hourman’s time vision removes all the other energy spheres. Hourman tries to get a bead on Ultimate Superman, but misses. Ultimate Superman reaches out to Hourman’s skeleton, and transforms into Ultimate Hourman.


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    Back with the JLA 0

    This issue marks the reunion of Hourman with his Justice Legion friends of the 853rd century, an installment of the Dc One Million series (in which Hourman turned coated from evil to the good side of the heroes) - the reunion was quite interesting, like an interview to assess Hourman´s loyalty, because he fled to the past and renounced his omnipotent powers granted by Metron - the visuals created by Morales, making Batman, Superman and others look larger than reality, in order to show like a cou...

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