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    Hourman » Hourman #10 - Bride of the Gombezi released by DC Comics on January 2000.

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    “BRIDE OF THE GOMBEZI!” The original Hourman’s very first villain returns! Dr. Togg, mad scientist and creator of the “monstroscopic ray,” has set his sights on Hourman’s girl, Bethany. But to win her, Togg needs to make her into a monster like himself. Can a hundred-year-old man-bird-rat-thing find true love with a neo-hippie coed kook?

    The issue opens with the release of Dr. Rocco Togg from prison. Dr. Togg, an arch-enemy of the golden age Hourman, had been in prison for 58 years, and was now being released. Due to experimentation before prison, though, Dr. Togg no longer looks human. Instead, he is now a " gombezi," winged creature with dragon claws for feet and small bird-like hands.

    Back at the Mad Yak, Bethany Lee and Snapper Carr are teaching their new demon friend Torcher how to order cappuccino. Hourman returns with Wendi Harris in tow, and everyone is overjoyed to see him. Hourman attacks Torcher, thinking him to be a threat, but Snapper calms them both down. Hourman and Wendi take the time to fill in the group on the events of last issue, where Hourman had to send Rick Tyler (the second Hourman) into the Timepoint to save his live from his disease.

    As the group leaves the Mad Yak Café, Hourman is approached by Bill McDowell, the CEO of WorldFarmCo. McDowell believes that Togg is out to kill him. McDowell tells the group that, once Togg was freed from prison, McDowell offered him a job to cure his affliction. However, Togg re-launch his experiments creating “gombezis,” genetically modified hybrid animals. When McDowell saw Dr. Togg’s insane experiments, he wanted to end them. But Togg saw McDowell, so McDowell fled.

    Sure enough, McDowell is right about Togg’s intentions. Togg has been watching McDowll electronically. Togg sees McDowell talking to Hourman and his group, and instantly becomes enamored by Bethany. He sends his gombezis to capture Bethany. Hourman and Torcher manage to defend McDowell against the gombezi attack, but the gombezis take Bethany.

    Back at Dr. Togg’s lab, the doctor begins transforming Bethany into a gombezi like himself. Hourman breaks into the lab, but is too late to stop the transformation. Dr. Togg, expecting a brawl like the ones he used to have with the golden age Hourman, is surprised when Hourman does not fight. Instead, Hourman uses his time manipulation powers to restore Togg’s device, and cure Togg and Bethany. Dr. Togg, expecting to be hit by Hourman, is again surprised when Hourman offers his hand in friendship.

    Hourman sets up Dr. Togg with a space on his Timeship. He tasks Dr. Togg with finding a cure to Rick Tyler’s disease, and offers Togg any resources he may need to complete the job. Hourman offers to care for the gombezis as well. Dr. Togg is apprehensive, but accepts. Hourman returns to Happy Harbor, where he decides to tell Bethany has he has developed feelings for her. As they are about to share their first kiss, Hourman is taken out of time by the members of Justice Legion Alpha.



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    It´s about Trust 0

    The whole pack is back in this issue, all of Hourman´s buddies hanging out in the local coffee shop, but there´re some people new in the picture: Wendi (Rex Tyler´s widow) and Torcher (a demon who fled to the angel´s side) - the scenario of the coffee shop is the perfect place for this group to talk, discuss their differences and allows Hourman a perspective that he must trust himself and his choices, since that´s a part of being human - the level of the dialogues is surprisingly high, especiall...

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