Hourman #1

    Hourman » Hourman #1 - Through The Hourglass released by DC Comics on April 1999.

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    “THROUGH THE HOURGLASS.” Hourman, frustrated by his ignorance, pairs up with Snapper Carr to learn how to be both human and a superhero.

    The issue opens with a mysterious narrator telling us about the new Hourman: an android from the 853 century. The narrator is telling us all this, even though he knows he won’t meet Hourman for another 2 hours.

    At the Justice League Watchtower, newest member Hourman is trying his best to fit in with the Leaguers assembled: Flash, Green Lantern, Huntress, and Zauriel. Hourman reveals that, in 241.03 seconds, Green Lantern will comment that the League needs to get Hourman a woman. While this prompts ire in Huntress, it triggers an idea in Flash for Hourman to consult the “JLA’s resident authority on dating:” Batman.

    The Leaguers head to Gotham City, where the Batman is trapped by the Mad Hatter and his goons. Hourman releases Batman from the trap, and turns all the villains into children using his time powers, ending the conflict. Batman, irate at the interruption, forces Hourman to turn them back, where he threatens Mad Hatter into surrender. Hourman absorbs Batman’s experience with the JLA, and he sets upon an idea on how to better learn humanity. He rushes to Happy Harbor, where he meets Snapper Carr: our mysterious narrator.

    Snapper Carr says hello to the Leaguers, but then takes Hourman under his wing. Snapper gives Hourman the name Tyler, since he was created by Miraclo geneware. Snapper takes Hourman to his home, where they plan on waiting for Snapper’s ex-wife Bethany to come home. Hourman reviews Snapper’s history aloud, much to Snapper’s frustration. As a welcome gift, Snapper gives Hourman one of his old souvenirs from hi time with the JLA: the endocrinostat off the first Amazo. Hourman, intrigued by the possibility of meeting another android, uses his time powers to reform Amazo and speak with him.

    The original Amazo materializes, and Hourman asks him whether he was programmed for evil, or did he choose. Amazo ignores Hourman and attacks Snapper Carr using his duplicate Green Lantern Power Ring. Snapper’s ex-wife Bethany Lee is about to enter, when she is hit with a stray time blast and transformed into a toddler. At this point, Amazo has absorbed Hourman’s time manipulation powers, and Amazo and Hourman are fighting across time. Amazo summons multiple temporal versions of himself to join the fight. Hourman, though, manages to send all the Amazos back to their real times, including the first one.

    Realizing his blunder, Hourman takes Snapper’s advice to divest himself of the Worlogog, the item that gives Hourman his time-manipulation powers. Hourman retains some powers, however, he loses most of his most powerful abilities. Weakened, Hourman passes out in Snapper’s arms, while toddler Bethany is heading into traffic.


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    Time is one my side 0

    I took a chance in buying this series since I went blindly and only picked it up knowing the artist - Rags Morales (a great penciler) - and I´m so happy to say that I´ve found gold, in fact, a gold mine. This mega-ultra-power house named Hourman is an android of the future that was used by the JLA´s enemies in the DC One Million arc story as a vessel for their desctruction, but he eventually saved the super heroes and decided to stick around the JLA to learn about life (he´s only 2 years old, s...

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