Character » Houngan appears in 67 issues.

    Houngan is commonly seen as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, where he uses his mastery of voodoo to battle the New Teen Titans.

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    Jean Louis Droo, Haitian born but schooled in America, worked as a computer scientist for a large silicon valley computer company until the news of his father's impending death brought the young scientist back to the land of his birth. Once home, Droo found modern medicine was unable to aid his father and that the only hope was a local "houngan" - a voodoo master.

    Droo watched in fascination as the houngan completely cured his father's illness. Soon Droo became a virtual voodoo fanatic, devoting every waking hour to learning all there was to know about this most ancient of art. Within 2 years, Droo became a voodoo master, but unlike his teachers, Droo merged the ancient rituals of voodoo with modern computer science. Droo - now calling himself Houngan - uses an electro needle stylus and a computerised voodoo doll to create terrors the old voodoo houngans could neer have imagined.

    Houngan was seen laying unconscious on Black Hawk Island.

    Most recently, Droo has been seen as the owner of a nightclub in his native Haiti, receiving the remains of the dead Brain. This caused Hougan to laught hysterically in delight and agreeing to joining this invitation of General Inmortus in his new campaign against the Doom Patrol.


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