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What do you do when your city is under siege from a riot, your personal war against the 'Blue Lights' has spun into all-out chaos, and all the good choices are long since gone? If you're Alice Hotwire, you risk everything to face the horror of Amir Malik and uncover a truth that could both save the city - and destroy it at the same time.

The riots are coming to a head and Alice appears drowned in the facility.

An unconscious Alice dreams of her parents and the technological upbringing she had. Her mother was a beautiful scientist and her dad a software genius who would make video blogs ranting about the society which ultimately leads to government agency raiding their facility calling them terrorists. Alice and her mother were playing a video game with handheld light guns and when the armed counter-terrorist team enter they mistake it for a real gun and kill her mother.

She wakes live and before the skull and ribcage being again. It is Malik the innocent man buried as a murderer. He used his power to get into Glenn's mind and he was given 10 times as much attention and work as the others they worked on. He used tentacles to save Alice from the flood waters and now he is going to the police HQ. He floats out of the facility and Alice scrambles for the transporter to take her back there too. She called Peter and directs him there as well, his car gets snarled up in rioting yobs who recognize him a s cop. before they can do him any harm a homeland enforcement drone arrives over his car and opens fire without warning smashing the mob into a fiery pulp. They ID him as a cop and tell him they are clearing the roads into the city and he should get indoors.

fearing for their lives the uniformed officers decide to hand over the pair to the mob, much to the new commander's anger. As she races outside to stop the handover both the DHE and the ghost-bomb arrive. Alice is worried when Peter tells her the drones are clearing the roads, its not how they deal with riots.. but it is if they need heavy weapons to deal with the ghostbomb.

Dr Love has worked out that Mailk has been using the blue-light to transmit a signal that enrages people and caused all the trouble they have been seeing. Malik was killed during Enhanced Questioning where police tortured him and buried him as a guilty man. Now he wants revenge for 30 years being buried with the worst in society.

the drones take out the DHE craft that suppressing communications and Hotwire downloads the schematics and manuals for the equipment used to make the tentacled body of Malik and wirelessly hacks his physical boy using default passwords. She explained before how all devices interconnect and self test and secure each other, but since his equipment was top-secret they excluded that from him but ironically left the very back-doors that cloud of safety prevents. This stops his physical form from attacking but his control fo the blue light is still in full effect. She jams a suppressor spike into him and is shrouded in flames, Peter races to her aid as Malik begs her not to do this and not to hurt herself. Peter jumps in an pulls her away, her arm on fire and her face burnt down the right side but Malik is finally put to rest. Elsewhere there is just two bloody marks where the bad cops were standing.







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