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In a future world ghosts, now called "Blue Light" have been unleashed all over the world. New ways of dealing with them are developed. A detective exorcist named Alice Hotwire stumbles on a case where ghosts don't act as they should and goes behind her superiors to investigate, then things turn to worse.

Created by Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh, this issue has 4 alternate covers all made by named professionals, like Luis Royo, Alan Brooks, and new star Stjepan Sejic.

A green and yellow explosion lights the sky from the top of a residential block as a futuristic police aircraft hovers outside. The pilot maneuvers till he can see movement in the wreckage and radios in to see if agent Hotwire is okay. Hotwire a slight, pale, blonde haired woman in her 20's picks herself out of the wreckage of the stairwell and confirms she's okay. She reports back the situation to the pilot.

A massive ghostly head of a young girl floats above a family in their living room, streaks of electricity connect the face to the father as trails of lightening wrap around his hands and those of his family as they stand in line unable to pull free of each other. The Face claims to be a former family member as it cries out that its lost and unable to find it's way. The measures that usually dissipate such a phantasm have failed and Hotwire's next best idea to flood the area with water is shot down when the fire brigade are tied up elsewhere.

She takes remote control of of the police craft using an internal data connection that allows her to use the crafts controls and systems, seeing the outputs in her minds eye. The craft fires two laser beams that cut into the father legs, dropping him to the floor but fails to sever the connection.

The child's face roars in anger at Hotwire and blows her upwards through the ceiling with a blast of energy. The face demands that Daddy crawls to the edge of the destroyed building facade. The family cry out asking who she is as none of them know who this entity is. In the roof space above Hotwire finds a water tank which she kicks out, making it tumble out over the entity, neutralizing it.

Back at the police station Hotwire gets a quick medical check and we met Peter, a suspended officer with a no nonsense streak.

Alice checks out why a suppression tower failed to effect the apparition she saw and finds its tampered with. Narrowly escaping an attack from the locals she seconds Peter into helping her go back to the bad side of town. They meet Filthy a homeless man with a unique connection with the dead. He taps into the Blue-lights to see if anything is new and is engulfed by a massive skull shaped entity that over charges the local blue-light to the point that other homeless people explode as it chants : Find me, They Want Me, To Do, Bad Things... They Built The Ghost Bomb!







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