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Hotline Miami: Wildlife

I'm a huge fan of Hotline Miami, so when I saw that there was a new webcomic for it, I jumped on immediately and bought the series. I will be reviewing each issue as they come out once I review both issue #1 and #2.

Synopsis (Spoilers)

Wildlife starts off immediately with the characteristic bloodshed of the series. A single Russian mobster desperately tries to escape his death, begins to unhook it from the dock and has his skull immediately blown to bits before he even successfully unties the knot. It pulls back and shows a rabbit face man who has completely annihilated the thugs who originally inhabited the house. He walks through and makes sure the house is empty and then relaxes, until a gun is cocked to his head. It's a kid who orders him not to move.

From here the story flashes back and gives us a name to the assassin. He's Chris. He's self-destructive, regularly abusing drugs and pushing back fiercely against his loved ones when they test him. He's given the same trademark hatred for Russians that most Hotline Miami characters have. That being said, he isn't all bad. He's shown to be fairly casual and loyal to his friends, patriotic and not greedy and at first is hesitant to go out and do the 50 Blessings' will. He's well grounded as a believable guy.

Paranoia consumes him when he begins getting the phone calls ordering him around, at first refusing and wandering around his home. Eventually, he does a bump of coke and heads off to see what these mysterious calls want. When he answers the door, some angry Russians already have their guns drawn.


Wildlife has a pretty strong beginning. The artwork is lovely. Chris seems to be a pretty likable dude, with glaring realistic flaws but maintains a personable attitude. His friends Vinnie and Blake are decent, average bro characters, not particularly noteworthy but their dialogue does help characterize Chris. There isn't much action in the first issue, but from the first minute in, you can already be pretty engaged and tell that Chris is going to embrace his new role as a slayer for 50 Blessings soon. Overall, 4/5.

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