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    The Original Hell Boy.

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    Hot Stuff was, as stated in his first appearance in 1957, a little devil.

    He however seemed to live not in Hell but a sort of Medieval landscape where he interacted with people, monsters, witches, animated inanimate objects given life, and other devils.

    While unapologetically a devil, Hot Stuff was as likely to do good deeds as perform mischief, he however had a “fiery” temper and it didn’t take much to set him off.

    His only possessions were his asbestos diapers and his trident which was intelligent and capable of performing magic … if in the mood.

    Unlike the other Harvey characters Hot Stuff only had a few encounters with other Harvey characters, but for the most part stayed in his own world.

    Casper and the Spectrals

    He loves to cause mischief and record his victims. Unlike Casper and Wendy he has no problem with scaring, but he can relate with them of being an outcast. Although they wouldn’t approve of his mischief they do laugh sometimes with his antics.

    He has the ability to teleport. It leaves a flaming circle at the spot he teleported. It may not work if he is caught by someone


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