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    Hot-Streak was Static's first enemy in both the comic book and television show, as well as indirectly responsible for Virgil acquiring super powers. Hotstreak was also one of the gang members that participated in the Big Bang.

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    Milestone Media



    Martin Scaponi, better known as "Biz Money B", was a member of the Firecrackers, one of the gangs in the Big Bang. After becoming exposed to Quantum Juice, a mutagen, at the Big Bang, Stone gained the abilities of pyrokinesis. Renaming himself Hotstreak, he formed his own street gang called the "5-Alarm Crew".

    He is also indirectly responsible for Virgil Hawkins becoming the superhero Static; Hawkins had come to the Big Bang intending to kill Biz Money B in the confusion, and, although he had realized he couldn't go through with the plan, Hawkins was still in the area when the mutagen was released, and thus gained powers of his own.

    Hotstreak was first introduced in the comic books bullying Frieda Goren in the first issue "Trial by Fire, ch. 1: Burning Sensation". He intended to win her as a prize in a small skirmish between his gang and another; when the 5-Alarm Crew attempt to get Frieda again, Static and Hotstreak to face off against each other. Hotstreak defeats Static when the hero is shocked upon learning his foe's his previous identity. After confiding in a rescued Frieda, Static returns to defeat Hotstreak.

    Hotstreak returns as an enforcer for the white supremacist group Sons of Odin (ironic due to his preference for urban rap and slang) to disrupt a gay pride march. After a skirmish with Static, he is shot by Static's friend Rick Stone (who had come out to his friends not long before).

    Milestone Forever

    Hotstreak appeared in the final issue of Milestone Forever, a mini-series designed to detail the final fates of the Milestone launch characters. Now in his late 20's, Martin attacks his high school reunion after having just recently being released from prison. Going by the new name of Firewheel, Martin rampages through the reunion, claiming that he realized that Static is most likely one of his old classmates. After Static arrives and defeats Martin, he flees the scene, only to attack the school again the next evening during a football game. During his final battle with Static, Martin is finally defeated after being struck by a goalpost the hero had thrown using his magnetic abilities.

    Unlike fellow pyrokinetic Milestone villain Holocaust, he has not appeared since the two worlds merged.


    Milestone Returns

    Earth-M's Hostreak (Francis Stone)
    Earth-M's Hostreak (Francis Stone)

    Hotstreak returns as part of Milestone's triumphant return in 2020's Earth-M. This time, however, Hostreak's real name is Francis Stone instead of Martin Scaponi, the same name used in the 2001 Static Shock animated series. In addition, the exact origin of his pyrokinetic powers where changed. Instead of attending the Big Bang Gang War on Paris Island, he received his powers at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dakota. After receiving his powers, he uses them to bully school until he was confronted by Virgil who uses his electrical powers against him. This in turn made Hotstreak seek revenge by confronting Virgil at his family home and burn down their house.

    Animated series

    Hostreak in Static Shock
    Hostreak in Static Shock

    In the series, Francis Stone was known as "F-Stop", not "Biz Money B".

    Early in his life, Francis Stone spent two years in a hospital. He has since developed a phobia of hospitals and doctors because he felt so helpless as a child. Hotstreak was the leader of one of the gangs in the Big Bang. As in the comics, he was also a bully who constantly beat up Virgil Hawkins at school. As in the comics, Virgil Hawkins' plan to kill Stone was instigated by one of the other gang leaders, Larry Wade.(unlike the comics he was Virgil's friend but not Frieda's boyfriend)

    After being picked up by the police at the docks after the Big Bang, Stone and the other gang-bangers were taken to the hospital. The next day he burst into flames and blasted out of the hospital room. Hotstreak later showed up outside a music store and tangled with a humanoid wolf Bang Baby, in front of Virgil Hawkins, Richie Foley and Frieda Goren. Virgil escaped being burned up, returned as Static, and confronted Hotstreak. However, Static hesitated and Hotstreak would have killed him had it not been for the fire department, which doused the villain with fire suppressing foam. Later that episode, Hotstreak escapes police custody and terrorizes people again in the park. Static and Hotstreak fought again, and Static took down Hotstreak by dousing him with water from a sewer main.

    In the episode Sunspots early in the 2nd season, sunspot activity on the sun affected Static's electromagnetic powers at the same time that Hotstreak Stone had returned from jail. Hotstreak went back to school on parole, after he learned some anger management techniques. Virgil predicted that he would be back to his old-self after two days, and was proven correct. Hotstreak surrounded Dakota Union High School in a firewall. Hotstreak was again defeated when Static blasted a water tower, dousing Hotstreak completely.

    In The Big Leagues, later in the 2nd season, Hotstreak was recruited into a gang of meta-humans by The Joker. Hotstreak was taken down by Batman with a Batarang and a fire extinguisher, and was later arrested.

    In Romeo in the Mix, Hotstreak was abducted along with other meta-humans/Bang Babies by the Leech who wanted to absorb Hot-Streak's powers along with the others. When the Leach was short-circuited, Hotstreak and the others, as they were still depowered, were captured easily by Gear and were all taken back to jail. In No Man's an Island, both Hot-Streak and Static were captured,along with Gear, Rubber Band Man, and Talon, and taken to a mysterious island for scientific experiments by Edwin Alva Sr. to restore a stone-trapped Edwin Alva Jr. to flesh and blood . Hotstreak spends much of the time on the island handcuffed to Static, forcing the two to work together to free the other Bang Babies. When they are freed of the handcuffs, Hotstreak seemingly runs off and abandons the other Bang Babies, but returns and threatens Alva Sr. with his fire, saving Static and the others from Alva's guards. When Alva explains why he captured them, Static agreed to use his powers to save Alva Jr. Hot-Streak, not wanting to be outdone, also agreed. Alva Sr. was grateful and sent the meta-humans back to Dakota. Talon and Hot-Streak, who now had a hovercraft from Alva Sr., escaped.

    In Wet and Wild, Hotstreak teamed up with Aqua-Maria, planning to crash the CD signing of a new singer, Candide. Aqua-Maria was frozen and later agreed to be returned to normal with an untested possible cure. When Hotstreak learned about this, he took action and sabotaged the procedure, and Aqua-Maria became unstable and went down a drain. Hotstreak met her at a fountain and agreed to help her get revenge on the scientists she believed sent her down the drain. When she learned that Hotstreak was the one who sabotaged the experiment, she threatened to submerge all of Dakota in water; Hotstreak, meanwhile, escaped.

    In Power Outage, Hotstreak and other Bang Babies discovered that they had been exposed to the reversive cure for the Big-Bang Gas, and that they were thus losing their powers and reverting back to normal. In an effort to retain their powers, Hotstreak and Ebon planned to steal what was left of the Bang Baby gas that was used in making the cure. But Hotstreak and Ebon ended up being fused together and were stopped by Static and Gear causing their ship they used as their hideout to explode and sink in the Dakota harbors. However, it was hinted that they may return.


    In the comics Hotstreak's powers are superspeed and the psionic ability to manipulate flame by channeling the friction he accumulated by moving at high speeds (the air friction he creates by his extreme speed allows him to generate intense flame; in the DC Comics-produced Milestone trading card series, it is called "Hyper-kinetic Pyrokinesis"). He is able to shape the flame as he desires, increasing or decreasing its heat, intensity, and size—hence the newly assumed handle of "Hotstreak."

    In the animated series, Hotstreak's powers are exclusively the ability to manipulate fire. His powers seem to highlight the fact that Hotstreak has a short-fused mentality and a fiery temper.

    Hotstreak's ability to control fire isn't limited to just throwing fireballs:

    In "Aftershock," Hotstreak harnesses his pyrokinesis to fly rocket-style; in that same episode Hotstreak uses his fire power to channel enough flame to act as a barrier to protect himself from Static's barrage of debris in the city park. In "Sunspots" Hotstreak creates a 'firewall' to surround Dakota Union High School when he relapses back into his old 'habits' of using his powers; in that same episode, during the climax, Hotstreak demonstrates the ability to use fiery constructs by creating a sword-shaped fiery construct to use on a de-powered Static before Static douses him with a watertank full of water. In "The Big Leagues," Hot-Streak can generate and channel fire out of his hands, eyes and mouth. In "No Man's an Island," Hotstreak harnesses enough of his meta-human pyrokinetic energy in conjunction with Static's to power a machine to restore Edwin Alva Jr. from his stone form back to life.


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