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    In the early Bronze Age of Comics, the cake division from Hostess (which included Twinkies) posted a number of advertisements in comic books. These were one-page advertisements, but they were presented in comic format, complete with a superhero and supervillain. The hero would generally solve whatever problem by dispersing cakes.

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    Note: Some of the characters that were featured in the advertisements eventually transferred over to mainstream comics. Most did not though. The characters thus are not comic book characters (they are advertisement characters) and therefore pages for them should not be created. Any description of the characters should be on this page only.

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    Captain America, often teamed with Nick Fury, was sent into action against unique threats in his Hostess advertisements. While Red Skull, the Trapster, and a time-displaced Julius Caesar also made appearances, the following foes also debuted.

    "Fury Unleashed"

    Trapster's Goon

    The Savage She-Hulk #21, Amazing Spider-Man #212

    A bald, green-suited servant of the Trapster, this Goon was wringing Nick Fury's neck when Captain America barged in. Tossing him a shield covered with Hostess Fruit Pies, the Goon relinquished Fury and the Trapster's plot was foiled by Cap.

    Sore Sir's Apprentices

    The unseen wizard Sore Sir sent these monsters up against Captain America, Durable, strong, and capable of multiplying, the Apprentices renounced the wizard for Hostess Cupcakes.


    Due to a time flux, Julius Caesar and his Roman legion appear in modern times, where they snack on Hostess Twinkies left by a picnicking family. Captain America, under orders from Nick Fury, gets Caesar to agree to be sent back to his rightful place by SHIELD.

    "Deciding Factor"


    Four-armed and tough, these aliens were engaged in a brawl with Captain America. Nick Fury distracted the creatures with Hostess Fruit Pies, quickly ending the battle.

    Red Skull

    The Avengers #150

    At America's bicentennial celebration, Captain America is whisked away by the Red Skull - in control of a Cosmic Cube! Needing to win over the Cube, Cap offers it a Hostess Twinkie; the Cube is so enamored by the treat that it completely ignores the Skull's commands.

    "The Aliens"


    A trio of invaders piloting a golden UFO set down in the middle of a park, interrupting a picnic. After being thrashed by Captain America, the group cuts their losses and flees with a better prize - Hostess Twinkies.


    A bespectacled scientist with a "deserter ray," the "Mad" Deserter used his weapon to drive the populace of a city to its outskirts. Despite tagging Captain America with the ray, Cap recovered and used Hostess Fruit Pies to snap the people back to their senses; the Deserter received a beating from the business end of Cap's shield.

    "A Friendly Gesture"


    A bestial alien with odd speech patterns engaged Captain America in a fistfight. Seeking to make peace, Cap offered up Hostess Twinkies; both foes ended their battle and enjoyed their treats.

    Simon Taylor

    Taskmaster Simon Taylor ran a clothing business, using his magical tailor's chalk to turn dissenting employees into paper patterns. Though his mystical measuring tape kept Captain America at bay, the tempting offer of Hostess Fruit Pies proved to be Taylor's downfall.

    "An Invading Army"


    Set against Captain America, the humanoid army was beginning to wear him down due to superior numbers. The last resort weapon of Hostess Fruit Pies tossed in their midst sent the army against one another, as Cap watched their inevitable defeat.

    Stormrider and Cronon

    Determined to end election day, Stormrider employed his Ion Atmosphere Saturater to create massive flooding across the US. Despite capturing Captain America, Stormrider's own toady - Cronon - betrayed his master for Hostess Fruit Pies.


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    Mar-Vell had his share of Hostess advertisements both on Earth and in space. While major players like Nitro (and a passing mention of Kree scientist Phae-Dor) were part of the highlight reel, other enemies also made their debut.

    Captain Marvel In The Big Bang!!


    Ghost Rider #13, Fantastic Four #160; #161, Amazing Spider-Man #146; #147

    Discussing a plot to blow a hole in the planet, Nitro and his crewmen are distracted by Captain Marvel escorting a ship to a secret mountain entrance. They follow and discover a stockpile of Twinkies, keeping them busy long enough for Mar-Vell to destroy their hideout.

    Captain Marvel In "He's All Mouth!"


    A humanoid mouth of gigantic proportions, the Mouth opted to wreck a local carnival. Easily eluding Captain Marvel, the agile Mouth was willing to surrender - and even help repair its damage - at the offer of Hostess Twinkies.

    Captain Marvel Meets The Dreadnought

    "Dreadnought" Raiders

    The Defenders #67, Avengers #179, Red Sonja #13, Fantastic Four #202, Amazing Spider-Man #188

    Answering a distress call, Captain Marvel does battle with a Dreadnought ship. Hurling the machine into space, Marvel discovers the Dreadnought raiders were after a supply of Hostess Fruit Pies.

    Killer Bee Family

    Led by the royal family of King, Queen, and Baby Bee Bee, the Killer Bee Family sought to gather the flowers of Earth for their own. Stuffing the botanical garden flowers with Hostess Twinkies, Captain Marvel convinced the drones to head home with the treats, while the royal family ended up imprisoned on Earth.

    Captain Marvel In "Flea Bargaining"

    Flea-Market-Eating Flea

    The Incredible Hulk #267, Savage She-Hulk #24

    With a deadly reputation for devouring flea markets, the Flea was after its latest meal. The Flea was soon entangled in Captain Marvel's net set-up of Hostess Twinkies, ending its rampage.

    Captain Marvel Defends The Earth

    Phae-Dor's Inhuman Warriors

    The Avengers #199, Daredevil #166

    With the Kree villain Phae-Dor convincing his warriors to launch an attack on Earth, the American military began mounting a counterstrike. Captain Marvel used a peace offering of Hostess Twinkies to sate the Kree and stave off a full-scale war.

    Captain Marvel VS Professor Sneer

    Professor Sneer

    X-Men #127, Conan The Barbarian #104, The Amazing Spider-Man #198; #199

    Attempting to snuff out the sun and turn the planet into a cold mass, Sneer's Sun Killer starship attracted the attention of Captain Marvel. With an offering of Hostess Twinkies, Marvel was able to convince the Professor to end his mad scheme.

    Neuron Nelson

    Former Harvard professor Neuron Nelson developed a ray that would sap people of their energy. Having tested it on kids - who became too tired to eat their Hostess Cupcakes - Nelson drew the ire of Captain Marvel, falling before Marvel's fists.


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    Marvel's Man Without Fear also took on the responsibility of Hostess ads. Each one actually debuted a new foe for DD, from boxers and criminal kingpins to extreme sports starts and musicians - most of whom had "Johnny" in their name.

    Baby Face Johnny

    Contending for the world championship in boxing, Johnny displayed strength and stamina during a 3-hour tussle with Daredevil. Distracting Baby Face with Hostess Fruit Pies, Daredevil learned their bout was the result of a misunderstanding.

    Peachy Keen

    A rotund jewel thief with a penchant for peaches, Peachy Keen's gang has already swiped the famous Berggdoff jewels. Daredevil baited Peachy's gang with a vault of Hostess Fruit Pies, and was easily able to round up the group.


    Having honed his concentration to superhuman levels, McBrain mentally enslaved others to do his dirty work. Needing to get past the criminal's force field, Daredevil threw Hostess Twinkies at the villain; McBrain's concentration lapsed and the Man Without Fear subdued his foe.

    Ron Rainey

    A former actor billed as "The Man with 999 Faces," Ron donned a Daredevil costume and began a citywide crime spree. Daredevil nabbed his "Dare-Double" with an enticing trap of Hostess Fruit Pies.

    Daredevil VS. Johnny Punk!

    Johnny Punk

    The Incredible Hulk #256, Amazing Spider-Man #213

    Sporting a green mohawk and classic 70's outfit, Johnny Punk sought to hypnotize the crowd though his sound wave machine. Distracted by Hostess Fruit Pies, Punk and his crew were taken down by Daredevil.

    Johnny Clymbe

    Attracting attention by scaling the world's tallest building, Johnny Clymbe outfoxed Daredevil on his way to the prize - Hostess Fruit Pies on the roof. Given the key to the city, Clymbe was welcomed to the world of heroes.


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    The Fantastic Four often spotlighted individual members during their Hostess ads, giving everyone but the Invisible Woman a starring role. Space aliens, monsters, and everyday low-lifes all received their defeat at the hands of the FF.

    The Thing In "Sunday Punch!"


    Conan The Barbarian #112, Savage She-Hulk #6

    A massive robot built to destroy, the brick-like monstrosity encountered the Thing during his weekly grocery trek. Tossing Hostess Fruit Pies out to the gathering crowd as a distraction tactic, the Thing was able to unleash his strength - without fear of harming bystanders - to destroy the robot.

    Mr. Fantastic in "A Passion For Gold"


    Amazing Spider-Man #201

    The intangible, gold-covered villain Goldigger engaged Mr. Fantastic in a citywide duel that continued to end in a stalemate. Needing to ruin Goldigger's concentration, Reed presented his foe with Hostess Twinkies; the distracted villain was then wrapped to the nearest lamppost.

    Mr. Fantastic In "The Power Of Gold!"


    The Savage She-Hulk #10

    An alien with the power to turn invisible, Impercepto gorges on gold as an energy source. Presenting Impercepto with Hostess Twinkies, Mr. Fantastic duped the alien into materializing long enough for capture.

    "Sparks Fly"

    Old Flame

    Jealous that the Human Torch had rejected her, his "old flame" gathered a crew of Torch impostors and sent them out to ruin the Torch's reputation. Luring the group to a bridge with Hostess Fruit Pies, Human Torch captured the gang and revealed their treachery.

    The Human Torch In "Blown About"

    Jewel Thief

    With both a giant updo and a giant hair dryer, this jewel thief was easily able to generate enough wind power to keep the Human Torch at bay. By tossing her Hostess Cupcakes, the Torch made his foe drop her weapon - making for an easy capture.

    The Human Torch Saves The Valley!


    Power Man and Iron Fist #65

    Dressed like an old-fashioned pilot and flying an ice-generating biplane, Frizone sought to freeze the local fruit orchards. After tempting his enemy with Hostess Fruit Pies, Frizone agreed to spare the valley.

    The Human Torch In The Icemaster Cometh


    Micronauts #13, Amazing Spider-Man #200, Rom #2

    Able to generate and manipulate the cold, Icemaster first battled the Human Torch; the FF member distracted the chilly villain with Hostess Fruit Pies long enough to melt the city's ice. Icemaster is notable for jumping from the Hostess ads to the main 616 Marvel universe, where he enrolled as a member of the Masters of Evil!

    The Human Torch In "A Hot Time In The Old Town"

    Flame Thrower

    The Avengers #194, Amazing Spider-Man #203

    The aptly-dubbed Flame Thrower committed his arson sprees using his namesake weapon. Battling the Human Torch, it took Hostess Twinkies to distract the villain and bring and end to his firebug ways.

    The Human Torch In "Hot-Tempered Triumph"


    A band of criminals garnered attention by robbing an orphanage telethon of its proceeds, then used fire hoses to douse the Human Torch. Incensed by their audacity at stealing the Hostess Twinkies as well, the Torch gathered the thugs with a lasso of flame.

    The Thing In "Earthly Delights"

    Space Invaders

    The Savage She-Hulk #16

    Breaking into a deli, a group of aliens attempted to abduct the locals and transport them back home as edibles. Stopped by the Thing, the invaders were instead given the tastier alternative of Hostess Fruit Pies.

    The Thing In "A Lesson To Be Learned!"


    Daredevil #176, Power Man and Iron Fist #75

    While dispensing advice to kids in his neighborhood, the Thing encountered a thief making off with an elderly woman's wallet. Tossing Hostess Cupcakes in front of the criminal, the Thing corralled the kleptomaniac and dumped the man's pockets.

    "Ultimate Weapon"


    Attempting to hold the Thing prisoner, these robed creatures first utilized a massive press, then set the metallic villain Torgo up against the Thing. Ben Grimm used a mutual enjoyment of Hostess Fruit Pies to end the duel with Torgo, while the robot's masters lamented being unable to sample the treats.


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    Hulk's adventures either displayed the typical "Leave Hulk alone!" tirades or Hulk saving the day through Hostess goodies. There was a double team cameo by Marvel mainstays Abomination and Wendigo, along with a parade of odd characters.

    The Hulk VS. The Phoomie Goonies

    Phoomie Goonies

    What If #30, Conan the Barbarian #127, Conan the Barbarian Annual #6, Amazing Spider-Man #221, #223

    A group of revolutionaries, the self-titled Phoomie Goonies began their terrorist campaign by taking over a small town post office with Bruce Banner inside. As the transformed Hulk threatened to crush the villains, an offering of Hostess Fruit Pies allowed everyone to leave the building intact.

    The Incredible Hulk VS. The Roller Disco Devils!

    The Roller Disco Devils

    The Avengers #198, The Savage She-Hulk #7

    Skating around town with a blaring boombox and snide attitude, the Disco Devils were keeping citizens frightened in their homes. Disliking their loud music, Hulk used the city street to roll up the entire crew; his reward was Hostess Fruit Pies.

    "Green Thumb"

    Cousin Betsy, the Plant Lady

    Ms. Marvel #1, Iron Man #95, Nova #6, Power Man #40, Marvel Premiere #34, Howard the Duck #9,

    2001, A Space Odyssey #2, Logan's Run #2

    As leader of a gang of anthropomorphic plant people (Mari Gold, Rhoda Dendron, and Artie Choke), the Plant Lady attempted to dupe the green-skinned Hulk into becoming the muscle of her crew. When he refused, the resulting battle nearly destroyed the gang's stash of Hostess Fruit Pies; Hulk leapt away while Plant Lady and the group were arrested.

    "Ultimate Weapon"


    Ghost Rider #38 X-Men #126 and John Carter Warlord of Mars Annual #3

    Contracted to build an ultimate weapon, this pair of scientists were unable to halt the out-of-control machine. Tearing the tank-like creation to pieces, Hulk watched from the sides as the designers and bystanders celebrated with Hostess Fruit Pies.

    The Incredible Hulk And The Twins Of Evil!

    Abomination and Wendigo

    Iron Fist #2, Adventure Into Fear #31, Amazing Spider-Man #150, #151

    Setting a trap for the Hulk, Abomination teamed with an intelligent Wendigo to beat down the Green Goliath. As the twin villains left their foe defeated, kids with Hostess Fruit Pies showed up, and were able to get Hulk back into a smashing mood.


    Toad Man

    Captain America #199

    Abducted by King Torkon of the Toad Men, the Hulk finds himself aided by a rebellious Toad Man determined to set the green behemoth free. Blasting an escape path and offering friendship by way of Hostess Cupcakes, the Toad Man won over the Hulk - who set out to defeat Torkon.

    "The Green Frog"

    Mad Magician

    Dagar the Invincible #17 Donald Duck #175

    The defiant Mad Magician started a rampage throughout the city by mystically altering himself into a massive green frog monster. Convinced by the mayor to help save the town's supply of Hostess Twinkies, the Hulk punched out the frog monster, reverting it back to the Mad Magician.


    Absent-Minded Mac

    Captain America #210

    A mad scientist out to make the world just as forgetful as he is, Absent-Minded Mac enveloped a university with his memory-altering Forget-Me-Net. The ever-confused Hulk - unaffected by the device - pulled it down and wrapped up the villain, allowing everyone to enjoy Hostess Fruit Pies.

    The Incredible Hulk In Up A Tree!

    Rock People

    Star Trek #48 Beagle Boys #38

    A tribe of forest-dwelling muscle men, the Rock People attacked the Hulk for venturing into their territory. Attempting to "civilize" the rock-throwing troop, Hulk offered his stash of Hostess Twinkies and returned peacefully to his rock-gathering escapade.

    "Hulk Gets Even"

    Bank Robbers

    Looney Tunes #32

    Driving a souped-up car, a pair of bank robbers ran into the Hulk while making their getaway. Angered by their rude driving, the Hulk swatted their vehicle with a truck full of Hostess Fruit Pies - ending their threat.

    "Leave Me Alone"

    Marvel Team-Up #70 Thor #271

    The Incredible Hulk Changes His Mind!

    Fantastic Four #204 and Conan the Barbarian #96

    The Hulk is smashing his way through a park when he jolts a boy from a tree limb. Wanting to be left alone, the boy helps by distracting the adult humans with Hostess snacks. This pleases Hulk...until he changes his mind.


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    Suiting up in his classic red-and-gold armor, Iron Man used Hostess goodies to tackle numerous foes bent on destroying Stark Industries. Strangely, Iron Man was always more interested in changing back to Tony Stark as quickly as possible.

    The Charge Of The Rhinos!

    The Rhinos

    The Incredible Hulk #260

    Attacking Fort Knox, a group of criminals used hulking electronic rhinoceros machines to wade through both the military defenses and Iron Man. Luckily, Iron Man was able to distract the pilots with an offering of Hostess Twinkies - which shut down the Rhinos for good.

    Rust Be My Destiny!


    The Spectacular Spider-Man #9

    Seeking the Hostess Cupcakes in the break room at Stark Industries, the hydro-manipulating Waterman was out to drown every employee standing in his way. Attempting to rust Iron Man proved to be faulty, as a repulsor blast turned the villain into steam.


    Using his Existential Depression Ray on New York's water supply, the sinister philosopher Kwirkegard attempted to drown the city in sorrow. Taking down the villain with a single punch, Iron Man convinced the children to spread their joy - and Hostess Twinkies - across New York to counter the ray's effects.

    Iron Man In The Hungry Battleaxe!


    Amazing Spider-Man #202

    Garbed in a classic suit of knight's armor, the man called Battleaxe encountered Iron Man while breaking into a uranium vault. Playing on his foe's hunger, Iron Man presented Battleaxe with Hostess Fruit Pies; the villain opted to chow down and forget entirely about the uranium theft.

    Iron Man In An Irresistible Force!

    Hy Torque

    Amazing Spider-Man #189, Fantastic Four #203

    Operating out of an armored vehicle, Hy Torque and his crew were set to ram the Van Ness mansion gates when Iron Man set himself in their path. Tossing the criminals Hostess Twinkies, the gang was distracted long enough for Shellhead to crush the car and use it as their temporary prison.

    "Iron Man VS. The Bank Robbers"

    Marvel Tales #122 The Incredible Hulk #254

    Having stormed the First State Bank and taken hostages, a crew of bank robbers were persuaded to allow a tray of Hostess Fruit Pies to be sent in. Iron Man soon followed and disarmed the gang, having used the treats as a distraction tactic.

    Monotony Man

    Rejected in his early days, the self-proclaimed Monotony Man used his powers of ennui to dampen an April Fool's Day celebration. Needing to uplift the crowd, Iron Man distributed Hostess Cupcakes to the revelers as Monotony Man made his escape.

    "Brains Over Brawn"


    The Avengers #183

    Having obtained a tank, a pair of villains set about a takeover of Stark Industries by attacking Iron Man. As IM easily halted their tank's advances, Stark did offer his defeated foes Hostess Fruit Pies after immobilizing them.

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    As Marvel's most popular hero of the time, Spider-Man appeared in the most Hostess advertisements. Tackling various villains like the Human Fly and Man-Mountain Marko, saving Aunt May and Mary Jane, or facing new threats, the wall-crawler used his fame to sell treats.


    Dressed in a spiffy outfit and carrying a furniture leg-shaped ray that transformed people into chairs, the Chairman had Spider-Man at his mercy. When some kids tossed Hostess Twinkies at the garish villain, the ray zapped Chairman instead and halted his rampage.

    Demolition Derby

    Outfitted in a dapper tuxedo and a killer bowling hat/throwing weapon, Demolition Derby faced off against Spider-Man over the Faith Diamond. Using Hostess Twinkies to weigh down Derby's hat weapon, Spidey easily subdued the criminal.

    Human Fly

    Captured by his insect-themed foe, Spider-Man was strapped to a table and ready to be vaporized. Dispatching his emergency Hostess Twinkie as a last resort, the Fly was momentarily distracted and allowed the web-head to gain the upper hand.

    "Spoils a Snatch"

    Smart Alec

    Able to create multiple images of himself, the jewel thief responsible for snatching the Cope Emerald nearly succeeded in eluding Spider-Man. Spidey's solution was to drop Hostess Cupcakes from the ceiling, rationing that the villain would be unable to resist the snacks - and proving the theory true.

    "The Cupcake Caper"

    Man-Mountain Marko

    Jungle Action #20

    During a tiff with Mary Jane, Peter Parker spots Man-Mountain Marko making things rough for the neighborhood police. Using a web-net to subdue his foe, Peter returned to MJ - only to find she was more interested in the available Hostess Cupcakes rather than Pete.


    Tearing up the city with his wrecking ball crane, the Homewrecker attempted to squash Spider-Man. Tossing Hostess Fruit Pies into the cab, Homewrecker dropped the controls to two-fist the goodies - and let Spider-Man take him down.

    Madam Web

    A love-sick villainess obsessed with Spider-Man, Madam Web used a webbing smear campaign to try and draw the wall-crawler back into her life. Promising Hostess Twinkies to Web if she undid her damage, Spider-Man arrested his stalker and gave away the snacks to a cheering crowd.

    Spider-Man VS. The Human Computer!

    The Human Computer

    The Incredible Hulk #261, #264, Captain America #259, The Savage She-Hulk #18, Avengers #209

    Using knowledge of computers to outsmart the city, the Human Computer was wreaking havoc on electronic systems. Spider-Man tracked his foe to a local arcade, then tempted him with Hostess Cupakes; the robotic villain was then swiftly unmasked and taken into custody.

    Spider-Man Meets June Jitsui!

    June Jitsu

    Rom #1, Tales To Astonish (1979) #1, Micronauts #12, Fantastic Four #213; #214, #215, Ripley's Believe It Or Not #87, Donald Duck #205, Mickey Mouse #193, Chip 'N' Dale #57, Battlestar Galactica #10, Avengers #190

    Martial arts expert June Jitsu ended up tangling with Spider-Man in a nearby park. Using his recently-bought Hostess Twinkies to distract her chopping hands, Spidey easily webbed June to a tree branch.

    "The Rescue"


    The Incredible Hulk #258

    Trying to abduct a young boy in a cowboy hat, a gang of criminals were foiled by Spider-Man. After webbing them inside their getaway vehicle, Spider-Man offered the boy a web-slinging ride home - with Hostess Twinkies.

    Larcenous Lil

    Leader of her own gang, Larcenous Lil had her goons net Spider-Man. Plea-bargaining his way to freedom with Hostess Twinkies, Spidey escaped the gang and webbed up Lil.

    Spider-Man And The "Twinkie Takers"

    Twinkie Takers

    Marvel Triple Action #29

    Seeking to rob a grocery store of its Hostess Twinkies stock, a pair of disguised robbers sent store customer Peter Parker to check the cellar for a stockpile. Instead of Pete returning with snacks, Spider-Man burst in and subdued the would-be criminals.

    Spider-Man "Puts Himself In The Picture"


    The Defenders #69, Battlestar Galactica #2

    Possessing a camera flash that immobilized those caught in its beam, Photoman plagued the city with his tourist-themed crime wave. Duping the criminal by faking a frozen pose, Spider-Man allowed the villain to frisk him for Hostess Twinkies - then webbed Photoman to a building.

    Spider-Man And The Kidnap Caper

    "Kidnap Caper" Crooks

    Amazing Spider-Man #152, #153

    Receiving a ransom call from punks who had kidnapped his Aunt May, Peter Parker changed into Spider-Man to deliver a ransom. Instead of money, the briefcase was filled with Hostess Twinkies - which the crooks took instead.

    Simon the Evil Swami

    As Mary Jane gets swallowed up by a mind-controlled crowd, Peter Parker ducks away to change into Spider-Man and discovers that Simon the Evil Swami is the puppeteer. As Spidey rains Hostess Fruit Pies on the mob, Simon's sway is broken and Mary Jane is rescued.

    Printout Man

    Using his old-school computer sheet printout suit to disrupt electronic communications at the bank, Printout Man sought to rob the vault of its Hostess Cupcake stash. The Printout Man amazingly made the jump to the main Marvel universe, seen in prison during the Fin Fang 4 comic.

    The Champ


    Daredevil #143 The Defenders #46 Marvel Spotlight #33

    When famed boxer Aldo Moomjay receives a threatening note from someone called "the Foe," Spider-Man decides to observe the heavyweight bout. Deducing that the Referee was the culprit, Spidey stops the count with Hostess Cupcakes and prevents a sports faux pas.

    Hotshot On The Block

    Iron Man #122

    The flame-throwing villain Hotshot dueled it out with Spider-Man on the city streets, only to be thwarted by the web-slinger's fire-resistant webbing. Tossing Hostess Twinkies to his enemy, Hotshot was slung from the nearest lamppost to await the police.

    Legal Eagle

    Crooked lawyer Ralph G. Fake is capable of turning into a greenish human/bird hybrid dubbed the Legal Eagle - and ran into Spider-Man during a theft of the Bill of Rights. Setting up a web snare filled with Hostess Cupcakes, Spidey nabbed the Eagle and saved Washington.

    "Dream Girl" Ruffians

    On a date with Lisa Skye, Peter Parker gets dumped into the rivers by a crew of hoodlums who are looking to make Skye their date for the evening. Distracting them with Hostess Cupcakes, Pete webs up the gang and returns to Lisa.

    "The Trap" Lunkheads

    Ghost Rider #12 Daredevil #122 Giant-Size Fantastic Four #5

    Captured under a "super-steel" net, Spider-Man is caged in a windowless cell pit by a criminal gang. Tempting one of the lunkheads with Hostess Fruit Pies, Spidey escapes the prison and proceeds to round up the group.



    The mighty Thor swung his hammer for justice - and snack cakes - during his brief Hostess ads. Major Asgardians such as Sif, Loki, Volstagg, and Hela popped up, as did other unique threats from worlds beyond.

    Thor In "The Ding-A-Ling Family"

    Ding-a-Ling Family

    The Defenders #55, Fantastic Four #190

    Led by Grandma Ding-a-Ling, this family of outer space rednecks (Ma, Pa, Auntie, Sister, Brother, and Cousins Bee and Bye) appeared out of nowhere to battle Thor and the Asgardians. Despite Thor and Volstagg fighting mightily, it was Sif's plateful of Hostess Fruit Pies that won over the dumber family members and ended the Ding-a-Ling cosmic threat.


    Returning from a battle, Thor finds his people worshiping a new face on the throne. Learning that Odin's usurper demanded tribute of Hostess Cupcakes, Thor deduced Loki was the mystery god, and quickly ended the trickster's reign.


    A monster capable of reflecting any attack back at its opponent, the monstrous Ricochet became embroiled in a battle with Thor. Hurling Hostess Fruit Pies at his foe, the Asgardian sated its appetite and sent Ricochet back to its home planet.

    "Good Overcomes Evil" Creature

    Outfitted in a golden armor, a human-like figure battled Thor at the mental commands of a hidden foe. Sensing the disruption, Hela informed Thor and presented the armored being Hostess Fruit Pies - thus snapping the hold of evil and ending the fight.

    "Thor Meets A Glutton For Gold"

    Gudrun the Golden

    Godzilla #10, Fantastic Four #194, #195

    Looting the treasure troves of Asgard for golden trinkets, Gudrun the Golden was amassing quite the collection. Offered the golden cakes of Hostess Twinkies, Gudrun was subdued and his possessions returned to their rightful places.

    Thor! In The Storm Meets Its Master!

    "Storm Meets its Master" Scientist

    Ripley's Believe It Or Not #85

    Puzzled at his inability to control storms, Thor discovers a disgruntled scientist is behind the plot. Offering Hostess Twinkies as a distraction, Thor smashed the controlling machine and hauled the scientist off to prison.

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    Aquaman and his fellow underwater protectors - Mera and Garth - battled a variety of threats both above and below the waves. If talking to aquatic creatures did not work, the Aqua-Family had a supply of Hostess treats with which to save the day.


    With the beaches of Earth being covered in grime - and costing businessmen revenue - Aquaman investigates the source of the pollution. The tentacled Slud-Jak is revealed to be launching a counter-attack against land pollution; Aquaman punches him out, then gets both sides to negotiate over Hostess Twinkies.

    Colonel Kelp

    Called out to stop a rocketship from damaging the undersea kelp farms, Aquaman and Mera question the ship's occupants. It turns out that Colonel Kelp and his crew were only attempting to introduce the Atlanteans to the great taste of Hostess Twinkies.

    "Pirates' Gold" Divers

    Rocking the seabed with high explosives, a group of treasure hunters crossed Aquaman's path while hunting for buried gold. Refusing to stop until they uncovered their bounty, Aquaman and Garth plant a chest full of Hostess Twinkies by the trio - which proves to be golden enough for all.

    Manta Men

    On a routine patrol, Mera and Garth find a school of sharks being driven toward the beaches; the true culprits are the Manta Men, whose sonic waves are being utilized by Black Manta to terrorize the surface. After dispersing the stun bursts, Mera offers the Manta Men Hostess Fruit Pies, turning them away from Black Manta's schemes.

    Iceberg Head

    A cold creature with the power to freeze water, Iceberg Head sought to encompass the world with his frozen demeanor. Warmed by the offering of Hostess Twinkies by Garth, the icy creature was able to be contained.

    Aquaman And The Space Capsule

    Batman #331

    No Caption Provided


    Barbara Gordon only had two Hostess snack ads, but she managed to get one more than either Green Arrow, Plastic Man, or Red Tornado. Batgirl's female foes easily fell prey to the sugary treats.

    "A Matter Of Good Taste" Jet Set Jessie

    Justice League of America #183

    Renowned jewel thief Jet Set Jessie used her dazzling outfit and martial arts moves to keep Batgirl from apprehending her. Distracting the crook with Hostess Twinkies, Batgirl lassoed her enemy and carted Jessie off on a Bat-cycle.


    A group of pickpockets, the Magpies has disguised themselves as the real Magpies variety act with intentions of robbing the patrons. Batgirl set out a cart of Hostess Fruit Pies as a trap - which proved to be an attractive downfall for the fake showgirls.

    No Caption Provided


    As DC's most prominent hero, Batman made a whopping 16 Hostess advertisements. Many co-starred the Dick Grayson Robin, some featured famous allies and enemies (such as Commissioner Gordon, Penguin, Catman, and Chief O'Hara), and the others brought in new adversaries for the Dark Knight Detective.

    The Mummy:

    Having been around for over 2000 years, the Mummy battled Batman and Robin while trying to entomb a professor and his daughter. Realizing that one cannot kill a mummy - after Robin's special mummy ray gun failed to do any damage - Batman lured the villain away with Hostess Twinkies and rescued the hostages.

    Pigeon Person:

    Commanding an army of pigeons, the winged Pigeon Person sought to rob America of its national monuments. After escaping with the Statue of Liberty, Batman deduced her next move and set a trap of Hostess Cupcakes to distract the birds; Pigeon Person was netted and hauled off to prison.


    Having cornered Batman with his array of wild cats, Catman looked to have victory well in hand. Robin swooped in to offer the villain Hostess Cupcakes, allowing Batman to escape and leaving Catman wrapped to a nearby tree in his cats' leashes.


    Synthesizer player the Muse actually transformed famous musicians into audio sound, trapping them within his instrument. Already on the trail of missing artists Rich Jaggard, Jim Colorado, and Elfish Hipsley, Batman and Robin distracted the musician with Hostess Cupcakes and freed the singers.

    "Intergalactic Gold Eater" Aliens

    Barging into Fort Knox, two crocodile-like aliens attempted to devour the gold bricks for sustenance. Receiving the distress call, Batman swooped in with a bag of Hostess Twinkies; the aliens graciously accepted the offer and left without incident.

    League of Assassins

    Cornered by three members of the League of Assassins, Batman was forced to evade their deadly attacks. Distracting his opponents with Hostess Twinkies, the Dark Knight subdued his foes and left them for the police.


    Commissioner Gordon rang up Batman to let him know that the city's Hostess Twinkie supply had disappeared. In truth, the Penguin had hypnotized the drivers and was stockpiling - until being brought down by Batman and Robin - and the threat of a Twinkie-less prison cell.

    Topsy-Turvy Man

    With his unique ability, Topsy-Turvy Man was flipping citizens upside-down to match him - and relieving them of their money, jewels, and Hostess Fruit Pies. Determined to flip things back to normal, Batman rolled with the villain's powers and punched Topsy out.

    Midnight Ladies

    On a citywide crime spree for minks, jewels, and anything dark and valuable, the Midnight Ladies were baffling the police. Determined to end their terror, Batman set up a table of Hostess Cupcakes at Gotham's oil supply - and nabbed the female bandits.

    Corsair of Crime

    Holding Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara hostage as ransom for an ocean liner, the pirate-themed Corsair of Crime was even able to use his crew to take down Batman. Robin helped saved the day by dropping Hostess Fruit Pies onto the Corsair's ship, allowing the Dynamic Duo to end the Corsair's siege.

    Svengali Brothers

    A trio of crime siblings, the Svengali Brothers had thrown Gotham City in riots after capturing Commissioner Gordon. Batman and Robin agreed to ride with two of the brothers and discuss exchanges over Hostess Fruit Pies; the Dynamic Duo swiftly defeated all three Svengalis and rescued Gordon.

    Professor Plutonium

    The Flash #283

    Hatching a plot to destroy the gold reserves at Fort Knox, Professor Plutonium attempted to outrace Batman on the high seas. Overtaking the Professor's ship in the Batboat, Batman tossed Hostess Twinkies at the villain before lassoing him up to prevent the scheme from succeeding.


    Dressed in a full-size dog outfit, the villain called K-9 disrupted the Kennel Club Dog Show with his ultrasonic whistle. Using Hostess Twinkies to distract K-9, Batman swiped the whistle and brought the criminal to justice.

    Mr. Foxx

    With six gourmet chefs having been abducted in Gotham, Commissioner Gordon set Batman on the case. Trailing the food-loving Mr. Foxx by utilizing a briefcase of Hostess Cupcakes as a ransom, Batman was able to take down Foxx, rescue the chefs, and recover the money.

    Sable Lady

    Also known as the Mink Marauder, the Sable Lady turned her affinity for furs into an attempted crime spree. Discovered by Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo distracted her with a shower of Hostess Cupcakes - and ended her evil scheme.

    Crime Director

    Employing a gang to act as his actor minions, the Crime Director staged an assault on the Gotham National Bank. Batman bribed the crew away with Hostess Cupcakes, then wrapped up the Director.

    No Caption Provided


    DC's famous Flash, Barry Allen, ended up with but a few Hostess advertisements under his belt. However, all four introduced new-found foes for the Scarlet Speedster.


    Batman #332

    Using a Red Tape Gun to tie up the city's traffic flow, former traffic official Bureauc-rat found himself facing the Flash. Distracting his foe with Hostess Fruit Pies, Flash bound the villain up in his own red tape to end the threat.


    With a stare that could freeze people in their tracks, Medusa set out to assault the local parade. Turning her gaze towards the Flash, Medusa was distracted by the the Hostess Fruit Pies thrown in her direction; the Flash quickly wrapped up Medusa and her gang.


    A curmudgeon with a desire to make everyone as miserable as he, the elderly Destroyer attempted to wreck the local dam and flood the town. Flash was able to repair the damage and introduce Destroyer to Hostess Twinkies; the villain promptly surrendered.

    "Marathon Madman"

    Dr. Sorcery

    Batman #344

    No Caption Provided

    Possessed of the powerful Philosopher's Stone, Dr. Sorcery attempted to disrupt the Police Department Marathon by altering the metal bridge. Barry Allen quickly donned his Flash costume to distract Sorcery with Hostess Cupcakes - - and even convinced the madman to help restore the bridge.


    In his one and only advertisement, Green Arrow had to save a pair of kids from a falling cable car. Distracting them with Hostess goodies, Arrow was able to stabilize the cables and save the day.


    No Caption Provided

    The space-faring Hal Jordan used his Power Ring - and Hostess treats - to defeat the challenges of his advertisements. Oddly, GL went up against Rogues member Mirror Master, as well as a few new creations.

    Dr. Live

    A mad scientist with a shrinking fetish, Dr. Live (who kept asking others to spell his name backwards) attempted to add Green Lantern to his miniature collection. Returning himself and the captives to full size, GL returned the hostages to their Hostess Fruit Pies - while Dr. Live thought about changing his name to Dr. Resol (again with the backwards spelling).

    Mirror Master

    Attempting to cage Mirror Master, the criminal reflected Green Lantern's energy construct back on the hero to effectively trap him. Knowing yellow could affect the ring energy, some helpful kids placed Hostess Twinkies in front of the reflected beam and freed GL; Mirror Master was then swiftly apprehended.

    Spindly Klutz

    With a power to make half of all objects disappear, revenge-driven Spindly Klutz halved the entire crowd at a football game in order to drive home his point. Reminding the villain the all the Twinkies there were now half-gone, Green Lantern convinced Klutz to restore everyone - and everything - back to normalcy.


    With his Power Ring on empty, Green Lantern was forced into hand-to-hand combat with the bestial, three-eyed Triclops - seeking to make GL his latest meal. Luckily, nearby explorers were able to curb the beast's hunger with Hostess Twinkies, ending the threat.

    No Caption Provided


    Despite having three Hostess snack ads to his name, Hawkman only battles on villain. The rest of the time is spent dropping Hostess treats on ornery concert goers or rescued skydivers.

    Golden Raven

    Able to fly and command birds, the Golden Raven used her powers to bedevil Hawkman while trying to snatch up the golden bird statue in Ravenwood Square. As she swooped in for the victory, Raven was distracted by the Hostess Fruit Pies placed on top of the statue; this allowed Hawkman to bring her to justice.

    No Caption Provided


    During DC's Hostess era, the Joker was popular enough to merit his own series - and thus his own snack ads. While never encountering Batman, the Joker discovers that the police of Gotham are more than capable.

    "Cornered Clown" Cops

    The Gotham PD have cornered Joker in a nearby building; the Clown Prince of Crime decides to rain down Hostess Fruit Pies as a distraction. Despite enjoying the treats, the GCPD is able to nab Joker as he tried to sneak out the back.

    "Clowning Around" Ringmaster

    Turned down from a circus act, the Joker attempted to take his revenge on the ringmaster with poisoned blow darts. Alerted by the real clown that Joker had refused the pre-act Hostess Fruit Pies, the darts were swapped out and the police called in to arrest the mad clown.

    "Laugh, Clown, Laugh" Guards

    Tossing Hostess Fruit Pies into a museum-going crowd, a disguised Joker sought to use the treats as a distraction. His plot to steal a famous painting was still foiled by the museum guards and GCPD - and the Joker finally warmed up to the Hostess treats.

    No Caption Provided


    His popularity having grown due to Super Friends and the Batman TV show, the Penguin starred in two of his own Hostess advertisements. Once again, the GCPD proves that Batman is not always needed for every crime.

    "The Cuckoo Cuckoos" Policemen

    Attempting to rob everyone using flying cuckoo clocks piloted by birds, the Penguin's scheme seemed destined to succeed. Instead, the local police distracted the birds with Hostess Fruit Pies, then carted the Penguin off to jail.

    "Penguins on Parade" Police

    Seeking to distract the crowd with his marching army of emperor penguin automatons, the Penguin flew up to collect the Emperor's Sword. Spying Hostess Fruit Pies in a nearby window, the GCPD were able to grab hold of the villain's legs and bring him down to earth.

    No Caption Provided


    The stretchable Plastic Man only had one Hostess snack ad to his name, which also co-starred his often-sidekick Woozy Winks. No major villains were introduced, but Plas did get to stretch his legs.

    "Gold for Dessert" Thief

    With Plastic Man hired on as security for a ball by Woozy, the elastic hero was using himself to help deliver the trays of golden desserts. A thief attempted to run off with the Plas-cart, only to discover Hostess Twinkies - and a trip to jail.

    No Caption Provided


    The android Red Tornado used Hostess treats to foil a foe in his one and only advertisement. Pitting Reddy against a vacuum cleaner villain was bound to end with the bad guy's defeat.

    "Clean Sweep" Vacuum Vulture

    Called in to help stop a vacuum-powered thief, Red Tornado sets a trap using Hostess Cupcakes. As the villain attempts to suction them up, Red Tornado uses his powers to destroy the machine and end the threat.

    No Caption Provided


    Billy Batson got into the Hostess action with two advertisements. Be it through TV or the radio, Shazam was able to learn of dastardly plots and foil them with snack cakes.

    "Cupcake Caper" Crooks

    Announcing the news that Hostess Cupcakes were vanishing across town, Billy Batson changed into Shazam to discover the whereabouts of the snacks. Discovering a ring of crooks attempting to make off with the treats, Shazam shut down their escapade.

    Minerva Menace!

    Using a mind-control machine, the elderly Aunt Minerva attempted to convince children that her way of thinking was best - which included disliking Hostess Twinkies. Freeing himself from captivity, Billy Batson turned into Shazam and set about ending the mental broadcast.

    No Caption Provided


    The Man of Steel used his alien powers - and Hostess snack cakes - to assist in numerous situations. Teaming with Jimmy Olson or just scooping Lois Lane on the story, Superman made sure edible treats won the day.

    Big Dome

    A purple-skinned alien with a massive cranium, the aptly-named Big Dome attempted to hold Superman at bay with a kryptonite beam. Nearby children tossed Hostess Twinkies through the widow at the villain, allowing them to shut off the ray - and give Superman a chance to corral the invader.

    "Saves the Earth" Interstellar Council

    Believing the Earth to be a backwards waste of interplanetary space, a council of aliens sought to destroy the planet. Taking some of the members on a shopping run for Hostess Cupcakes, Superman convinced the council of Earth's worth.

    "Rescue" UFO Aliens

    Out of control, a UFO bearing blue-skinned aliens was swerving towards a mountain. Tunneling a path for them, Superman helped the aliens land safely, and allowed nearby children to placate the extraterrestrials with Hostess Twinkies.

    Tara Cobol and Fortran

    A rash of weather satellite disasters were the work of the duo Tar Cobol and her partner Fortran, manipulating the satellites from STAR Labs. Getting them to race after Hostess Twinkies, Superman shut down their control grid and hauled the criminals to jail - and noted how he would be scooping Lois on the story.

    "The Spy"

    Uncovering a secret closet in Clark Kent's apartment, a snooping newsman brought curious reporters over to Kent's abode for a big reveal. What he found was a stash of Hostess Fruit Pies, swapped in by Superman who had seen the initial intrusion.

    "Superman Meets The Orbitrons!"

    The Flash #275

    Called out to investigate a outer space theft of gold, Superman encountered a race of golden spheroid aliens known as the Orbitrons. Sating their gold desires with Hostess Twinkies, Superman was able to rescue the alien miners and restore peace.

    Laughing Gas Bandits

    Flooding the city with kryptonite-laced laughing gas, three felons sought to pluck the populace clean of their valuables. As they surrounded a delivery man dropping Hostess Fruit Pies, Superman whipped off his costume and corralled the criminals.

    No Caption Provided


    Wonder Woman had her fair share of Hostess advertisements, fighting both old and new foes alike. Notable thief the Borrower actually gets the spotlight twice, becoming the first and only Hostess-exclusive character to appear in more than one ad.

    The Maltese Cup Cake

    Using a slew of cronies - like Mr. Astor and Petula Lorry - Cindy "Fat Lady" Bluestreet attempted to pry Wonder Woman off the search for the valuable Maltese cupcake relic. Instead, the three criminals found themselves on the wrong end of Wonder Woman's lasso - but not before enjoying the stash of Hostess Cupcakes.

    Robot Master

    The bespectacled Robot Master built four android copies of himself in preparation for his crime wave. Wonder Woman was able to foil his plot by tossing Hostess Twinkies into the air, duping the real villain to step forward and claim his snacks.


    A suave thief who commits crimes and leaves IOU notes behind, the Borrower appeared on Wonder Woman's radar after stealing the bag she was carrying in her civilian guise. After stealing money, bracelets and minks, Wonder Woman laid out a trap of Hostess Twinkies and successfully captured the crook.

    The Borrower made a return appearance, stealing purses and bags from members of an Egyptian tour group. Dousing herself in gold paint, Wonder Woman was able to lure the Borrower in with her Hostess Twinkies, and again thwart his crime spree.

    Cooky La Moo On Broadway

    Batman #293

    Due to accidentally crossed wires, a 50-foot tall electric image of movie star Cooky La Moo came to life, and abducted the nearby Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman attempted to talk down the massive creation, but it was Steve's Hostess Twinkies that saved the day.

    Chocolate Baron

    Dressed in a brown outfit reminiscent of Count Chocula, the Chocolate Baron attempted to gather all chocolate enterprises under his control. Battling through his forces and distracting him with Hostess Cupcakes, Wonder Woman subdued the Baron and flew him off to face justice.

    "Golden Treasure" Thieves

    Having escaped with a precious treasure, a pair of crooks were able to hit Wonder Woman with a stun ray. Looking through her sack, the duo found Hostess Twinkies and dug right in - allowing the Amazonian princess to recover and lasso the villains.


    Battling an army of feral cats to get to Priscilla Rich, Wonder Woman convinced a black panther to distract his mistress with a basket of Hostess Cupcakes. With the Cheetah distracted, Wonder Woman rounded up the cats and bagged her enemy as well.


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