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Hoss became into a demon after he committed suicide, which is considered a sin. When he was a youngster, he had been caught in a highly embarrassing position by his parents, after taking a look at his own mother's underwear drawer. Shamed he went to his barn and shot himself dead. As a suicide he went to hell. He is a bounty hunter and scouter demon from Hell and also fought Ghost Rider to collect the bounty on rogue Demon Kazann. He has also been described as one of Hell's most able tracker-scouts. As he was driving in Texas, Four bikers assaulted him and he turned them into one creature which he called Buttview and acted as his sidekick. Ruth is his competitor but on Heaven's side. He usually sings country songs while driving. He has a surprisingly gentle and friendly demeanor until he gets serious. He was easygoing around Ghost Rider and seemed to play things by the book rather than getting personal over trivial matters.


Hoss the demon is a Marvel comics character, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain. for use in Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation #1 released in 2005. The character appears as somewhat of a stereotype of redneck in human form, hiding his true demonic nature.

Major Story Arcs

The Demon Kazann

Hoss has been given the duty of tracing down and apprehending the demon Kazann on behalf of hell. Despite Kazann being a demon, hell and its superiors aren't fond of the preexisting balance between heaven and hell being broken or upset by Kazann's actions. Kazann despite his high ranking and power in hell, is in a sense a radical who has grown bored and tired of the current system, so he has taken it upon himself to conquer Earth and take it as his new kingdom. In Texas traveling the highway in his Cadillac as he is trying to find Kazann four bikers unaware of his power take aggressive and rude behavior against Hoss. Initially Hoss seems forgiving, until the four bikers start to get more aggressive. Hoss eyes turn black, indicating his demonic nature, he kills three of the bikers as one is left injured after crashing his bike during the altercation. A fearsome Hoss explains to him it might be nice to have a friend accompany him. Hoss takes his dying body and rearranges him into a demon, violently twisting the young man's head down under between his legs, breaking his spine in the process. He dubs his new demon companion Buttview, then the two move on to find Kazann.

Three Way on the Highway

Earl Gustav CEO of Gustav Petroleum and Jemima Catmint have aided the demon Kazann into gaining a physical body on Earth. Now that Kazann has manifested himself physically, those such as Hoss, Ruth and Ghost Rider can trace his energy and aura, giving them the ability to locate him. All three supernatural beings start heading towards Gustav Petroleum Towers. Hoss is overpassed by Ghost Rider and recognizing him as such speeds up to talk to the Spirit of Vengeance. Hoss politely questions Ghost Rider, believing that he thought Ghost Rider was supposed to be in Hell. Realizing that his escape may be revealed Ghost Rider attacks Hoss, dousing him with flame breath burning Hoss to the bone, but mere seconds later Hoss has reformed all of his flesh as well taking his own aggression actions against Rider. They inevitably clash and begin to brawl on a highway, with Hoss revealing an extra large demon appendage from his lower body. The two are still engaged when a greyhound bus appears out of nowhere headed straight at the two. They manage to avoid it but realize that the powerful archangel Ruth has arrived.

Powers and Abilities

Hoss can heal from severe wounds (his body quickly regenerated after being incinerated and having his skin burnt to ashes by Johnny Blaze) and has got a large male appendage in the form of an octopus' tentacle. He has strength and power enough to contend with the Ghost Rider, and Hoss was able to temporarily slow down the angel Ruth, supposedly known as the most powerful angel along with her sister. Hoss has dark mystical abilities he can use to create other minor demons, as well as use to kill. Hoss has a strong healing factor, as during his encounter with Ghost Rider most of his flesh had been burnt off, but reformed moments later, not only that, having most of his flesh stripped away did not seem to significantly slow down Hoss either.


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