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    A free spirit, wandering vigilante, and a master archer, the mysterious Horsewoman is a reluctant member of the Demon Knights.

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    Current Events

    After she and her teammates on the Demon Knights successfully defend the town of Little Spring from the forces of the Questing Queen, the team moves on while Madame Xanadu explains the relationship between herself and Etrigan and Jason Blood.


    Clytemnestra's origin has not yet been revealed.


    Horsewoman was created by Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves,

    Character Evolution

    Post-Flashpoint / Earth 0

    Horsewoman (Earth 0)
    Horsewoman (Earth 0)

    Much of Clytemnestra's past is shrouded in mystery, as she has rarely been seen in the same place twice. Rather, she prefers to drift through the lands as a free spirit, an untamed soul, much like the majestic steeds she rides in her journey through life. She would rather stay out of a battle she deems to be the problem of another, despite her incredible gifts and skills with a bow. However, something in her prevents her from remaining completely on neutral ground, as she has often ridden ahead in times of turmoil and war to warn innocent villagers and commoners of the impending slaughter headed their way, before riding off into the distance.

    Major Story Arcs

    Post-Flashpoint / Earth-0 (DC's New 52)

    Demon Knights

    However, as of late, her stance of neutrality has been shifted in the light of current events. As was her routine, she rode into the village of Little Spring to warn them that the hordes of the Questing Queen were on their way and would quickly be upon them, hoping to continue as she had before and be on her way. However, before she could get far, the Horde had descended upon Little Spring, and had overtaken her advance, seeking to destroy both herself and the Demon Knights before they could warn the Kingdom of Alba Sarum of their approach. Cut off by the Horde's hulking, mechanical dragons, Clytemnestra had no choice but to turn her horse, Breaker, and return to Little Spring. Thankfully, Madame Xanadu had sealed the village inside a magical barrier by the time she returned via a trap-door she had uncovered earlier.


    Realizing that there was no way out but to fight, Clytemnestra sided with the Demon Knights against the Horde, electing to aid them in fending off the Questing Queen's forces once the barrier failed the next day. But, though she did not admit it to her companions, her inability to walk hindered her ability to help them construct a wall or to train the villagers men in combat as the other Knights could. However, the death of Audofleda, a young girl from the village that Exoristos had encouraged into action was a tipping point for her, and she shot down the horde captain that had murdered her with remorseless precision. Seeing Exoristos as being equally responsible for the girl's death, Clytemnestra shot her in the stomach with an arrow as well, to sort of serve as a painful reminder of what she had done. Her aim had prevented the wound from hitting any vital organs though, seeing as they still needed the oafish Amazonian exile for this fight.

    Later that night, the mystic Mordru, a servant and lover of the Questing Queen appeared to her in astral form, astounded by her mystical ability to mount her horse, even though she was paraplegic. He tried to tempt her to join the horde and betray the Knights, offering to build on the magic of her saddle and rope, as well as the enchantment placed upon her, to let her walk again, so that she could walk away from all of this. The Horsewoman's response was a simple one.

    She gave him an amused smile, and fired an arrow into the air... Only to have it nearly strike Mordru's physical form miles way in the Queen's castle.

    The next morning when the shield faded, the Knights readied themselves to do battle with the Horde. However, they were met with a surprise, as Vandal Savage betrayed them and returned to his previously abandoned position as General of the Horde, ordering the men to break down the wall, using a massive triceratops as a living battering ram. While Exoristos and the remaining Knights deal with the horde's human and saurian warriors, Clytemnestra gave word to the villagers and the Knights, through Shining Knight's pegasus Vanguard, that she was trying to break through the enemy lines to make it to the Kingdom of Alba Sarum, in hopes of summoning their armies to the team's aid. Using the powers granted to her by her saddle and enchantment, she reached out telepathically to all of the wild horses in the area, urging them to aid her, to make an army for those who were once alone.

    With the fiery breath of the horde's mechanical dragons at their heels, the Horsewoman's herd surged onward. Many of the horses fell to the beasts' flames, but they kept going, helping her to reach her goal and aid her comrades. For a moment, it looked as though it were hopeless when an arrow pierced her shoulder, but she urged herself to stay alive, reaching out to her enchanted saddle and using it to pull herself back onto Breaker. Just then, she felt something off in her steed. Breaker was injured, she could feel it in her bones. With the last dragon nearly past them and the kingdom on the other side of the valley, she begged him to keep going.

    Sadly, Breaker had other plans, throwing both rider and saddle free as the robot's fire consumed him. The magic in the saddle and the enchantment coursing through her veins saved her life, latching onto another horse so she could keep on riding, her task not yet finished. And now, there was motivation in her actions. Her goal was in sight, and she continued to press onward, for Breaker's sake if for no one else.

    Powers and Abilities


    Though it's origins are unclear at this time, Clytemnestra possesses a unique enchantment about herself, as well as the saddle and rope she uses when riding, that grants her a number of unique, mystical abilities.

    Although she is paraplegic, the saddle and rope seem to respond to her thoughts symbiotically, allowing her to mount her horse with but a thought, pulling her into the saddle either through some mystic force, or by using the ropes like an extra limb. This enchantment also allows her the use of the lower half of her body when seated in the saddle or linked to the ropes. The saddle and rope also seem to possess a mind of their own, as they have acted to preserve her life when she is in danger, even if she did not command them to through mental force of will. This was seen when the saddle claimed another horse for her while she was still seated after it became clear that Breaker was going to die, despite her desire to see the horse live.

    Because of the unique nature of her enchantment, Clytemnestra possesses a deep connection with horses, both wild and tame. She is able to speak their language, and hear their thoughts telepathically, as well as reach out to them and request their aid in battle. Her saddle also allows her to feel the physical and emotional state of the horse she is riding, as glimpsed when she felt Vanguard's love for Ystin, or when she knew instinctively that Breaker had been wounded. These powers have made her a skilled equestrian.


    However, one of Clytemnestra's primary offensive skills lies in the realm of archery, and her talent with this ranged form of combat boarders on supernatural. Her aim is second to none, and she has been referred to as the best archer in the known world. She has been shown to be able to hit an opponent while missing all of their vital organs, and more impressively, hit a target miles away. This particular feat was seen when Mordru appeared to her in astral form and attempted to convince her to leave the Knights. She fired an arrow into the air, seemingly at nothing, only for it to imbed itself deep within the stone inches from his physical head many miles away at the Questing Queen's castle as a warning shot, knocking a goblet of wine from the Queen's hand in the process.


    Without her mystic saddle and rope, Clytemnestra is paraplegic, and cannot get around without a horse to ride on. This leaves her in quite a vulnerable state, but she seems to be in no short supply of a steed to mount up on should she be in peril.


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