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Horrorshow was the muscle behind the Oktober Guard.  A longtime friend of Colonel Brekhov, leader of the guard, Horrorshow could be seen charging into battle headfirst along with the Colonel disregarding any personal injury.  His weapon of choice was the shoulder mounted RPG.  Horrorshow wasn't only a fighter he also displayed his abilities as a deep sea diver while trying to locate a sunken American submarine in G.I.Joe Special Missions #1.  Horrorshow met his end along with most of the Oktober Guard in G.I.Joe Special Missions #26.  While trying to save "El Jefe" Horrorshow, along with Colonel Brekhov, Schrage, and Stormavik went on a suicide run trying to clear a Cobra Razorback tank from the road, while driving a small jeep and only having a handful of weapons.  In his final moments Horrorshow laughed off the intense barrage of bullets that had shredded Colonel Brekhov and himself, and tried to help his longtime friend on there final run, driving their explosive filled jeep into the tank, destroying both.

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