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    Horridus is the result of alien abduction and forced impregnation, Horridus spent much of her early life imprisoned in a basement by her extremely religious parents in DeKalb, Illinois. They were unaware of her alien origins and believed her physical condition was a result of their having had premarital sex. Eventually overwhelmed by the guilt of having produced such a child, the pair committed suicide, leaving their young daughter chained in the basement, where she was discovered by a paper boy. The Chicago police called in the Dragon to rescue the girl, as they were frightened by her appearance.


    Horridus was created by Erik Larsen. Larsen originally intended her to be part of an X-Factor reboot for Marvel comics along with Superpatriot. But after Larsen's departure from Marvel, he implemented her into Image universe.

    Major Story Arcs

    Freak Force

    After being rescued, Horridus is quickly recruited into the "Freak Force" program, which intends to use superhumans to work with the law. She joins the team on numerous missions, and forms close bonds with many of her teammates, especially Rapture, who takes on a mother-like role in Horridus' life. With the team she takes on supervillainous organizations such as the Covenant of the Sword and the Frightening Force, heroic organizations like the WildCATS and Cyberforce, and even the government on a few occasions. She ultimately joins the government, becoming a member of the Special Operations Strikeforce.

    Powers and Abilities

    Horridus' body is covered in sharp spikes, which can be used offensively, as well as marking the parts of her body that are largely immune to energy attacks and bullets. She also has incredibly sharp teeth, and a prehensile tail. She possesses superhuman agility, low-level superhuman strength, and superhuman senses, particularly vision and smell.

    Alternate Versions

    Alternate Earth

    Horridus exists on this alternate Earth, in which the Freak Force never fully formed. Despite this, she is still associated with the Chicago police. This version of the character is destroyed along with her universe.

    Savage World

    Horridus is held captive by Brainiape, and later rescued. She joins Superpatriot's superhuman army in an attack on Mighty Man. Later, an evil version of the Dragon imprisons her in Dimension X.


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