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Henry Barnet was a small time hood who was blinded in an explosion while attempting to crack a convenience store safe. He was approached by an unknown organization who replaced his eyes with cybernetic implants and also provided him with his Hornet suit. 
While working a corporate theft, he first encountered Mocker, and the two joined forces, later organizing the Crushers. Hornet's benefactors sometimes call on him to perform some duties for their organization, which occasionally puts him at odds with the Crushers.

Powers and Abilities

Hornet has been fitted with a pair of  cybernetic eyes, which allow him to see for 360 degrees all around him. His wings allow him to fly at speeds up to 100 mph. Hornet also has vibratory devices that can be used to create devastating vibro-blasts or to cause vibrations in his molecules allowing him become intangible.
Hornet  has an intense fear of losing his eyesight again, and will work for his benefactors at the drop of a hat, or otherwise avoid any situation that might damage his vision.

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