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    Peter Parker was the first Hornet using a jetpack given to him by Hobie Brown A.K.A. Prowler. Later a science prodigy and handicapped with a palsied arm, Eddie McDonough adventured as the Slinger called Hornet and was killed by a brainwashed Wolverine.

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    The Slinger
    The Slinger

    Eddie McDonough was a college science prodigy with a palsied arm chosen by Black Marvel and given the Hornet costume. He joined the Slingers along with others Black Marvel had chosen. He strengthened the suit, giving it additional weapons and increasing his strength.

    From his first day at college, Hornet was attracted to Dusk. Unfortunately, she was more interested in Johnny Gallo (aka Ricochet). During a training session, Hornet, Prodigy and Ricochet were all practicing leaping across buildings. Hornet tried to get Dusk to jump, but overestimated her abilities. Dusk fell to the ground and died.

    A few days after Dusk's death, Hornet, Prodigy and Ricochet attempted to save a man who was trying to kill himself. Whilst Ricochet and Prodigy managed to stop the two trains that were headed for him, Hornet flew him out. This would come back to haunt him though, as the man had been trying to kill himself since he was mutating into a giant rat. Once his transformation was complete, The Griz, as he was now called, captured Hornet and tried to kill him. Only through good luck and good teamwork was Hornet able to escape.


    Eddie McDonough was created by Joseph Harris and Adam Polina and first appeared in Slingers #0. The Hornet suit was however created by Spider-man and first appeared in Sensational Spider-man Issue #27 and also appeared in the following issues.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    A Confident Hero

    Eddie became more confident because of his superhero status. Because he had enhanced strength, no one noticed his disability. He also attempted to win over Dusk, but she was more attracted to his best friend, Ricochet. When Black Marvel was captured, Hornet was the only one who wanted to save him. Black Marvel died in the attempt, but ascended to a better place because of Hornet’s devotion. Hornet lost the suit in doing this, and the Slingers disbanded. However, Eddie had apparently learned enough from tinkering with the suit to rebuild it, because he was soon adventuring as the Hornet once again. Often, he would be alongside Ricochet. Unfortunately, this would change. While his commitment to being a hero stayed steady, Ricochet's waned as the thrill and spotlight waned with it. Soon, it was just Hornet out there. Eddie would often try to convince his friend to put on the costume and join him, but it rarely worked.


    Hornet's death
    Hornet's death

    Then Eddie somehow heard about HYDRA having brainwashed Wolverine for use as an agent. This was something big and too big for him alone. He once again tried to convince Johnny to join him as Ricochet, saying that this would be something big that would put them on the map to try enticing him. It still didn't work. Eddie put on the Hornet suit and ventured out on his own. Wolverine killed him.

    When his body was found, it was a mess. He clung for a moment, but paramedics could do nothing for him. He and his armor were in such a mess that he was mistaken for Spider-Man by the first responders on scene. It wasn't until Nick Fury saw the body that he was correctly identified as Hornet. To ensure that HYDRA couldn't reanimate his corpse for use as an agent, Elektra decapitated him. 

    Dark Reign

    The Hornet suit was sent to C.S.A lock up until the end of the Dark Reign, where former Slingers teammate, Prodigy took custody of the suit. Rumor has it, it was returned to the Prowler.


    Eddie has no actual superpowers, but is granted various abilities from the Hornet suit. He is able to fly at high speeds, he has an undefined level of suerhuman strength and durability, and he is able to project powerful laser beams or fire very potent sedative darts from his gauntlets.

    Without the Hornet costume, Eddie's right hand is palsied, and he is unable to use it.


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