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Horizont-Al or "Al' and his best friend Verti-Cal were the Gods and sole inhabitants of another universe where the Laws of Physics as we knew them did not exist. Unlike most beings of their caliber, Al and "Cal' decided to use their nigh-omnipotent powers solely for recreational purposes. At one point their reality was visited by Sonic the Hedgehog, the hero of Mobius Prime, who they played constant tricks on using everything from their own powers to the strange layout of their universe to their advantage.
Despite this, Sonic tried desperately to convince Al and Cal to meet with Princess Sally and join The Freedom Fighters so they could free all of Mobius from the traitorous Doctor Julian Ivo Kintobor or "Doctor Robotnik" as he now called himself. But Al and Cal ignored his requests completely and sent Sonic back to Mobius Prime. Years later, The Ultimate Annihilator's destruction sent temporal shockwaves throughout the Multiverse.
The shockwaves created new timelines, severely weakened the barriers between universes and decimated Al and Cal's universe to a sub-atomic state, destroying their physical forms in the process. But their ethereal essences lived on in the form of primordial ectoplasmic entities and slowly but surely began to reform along with the rest of their universe and their power. But Al and Cal were no longer friends.
A mutual distrust for one another had grown during the time it took for them to fully reform and they began blaming one another for failing to stop the previous annihilation of their home. So, instead of taking on their original forms, Al and Cal created gargantuan armored bodies suited to their own individual preferences and went to war. Unbeknownst to Al and Cal, their fighting had opened up a rift in time/space on Mobius Prime which attracted the attention of Sonic and Tails while they were making their way through The Great Forest.
After being swallowed whole by the ever-expanding rift and coming into contact with Al and Cal, the two Mobians became pawns in Al and Cal's war but eventually freed themselves of the two Gods' influence and tried to get them to reconcile their friendship, but it was all in vain. Al and Cal's hearts were filled with so much anger and hatred that reconciliation was not an option. Sonic and Tails were returned to Mobius Prime shortly after the two former friends began fighting again.
As time passed, their fights grew more vicious and ultimately caused a great deal of damage to countless other universes. With the lives of literally trillions hanging on a thread, The Zone Cops stepped in and through some miracle brought Al and Cal to their knees. After forcing them to return to their original forms, The Zone Cops placed power-inhibiting collars on their necks and imprisoned them inside a Zone Jail under the direct control of Warden Zobotnik.
Al and Cal eventually reconciled their friendship while suffering heavy abuse from other prisoners. When Scourge, a corrupt alternate reality version of Sonic, was brought to justice by his counterpart and became the target of the other prisoners, Al and Cal "befriended" him to keep the focus of their enemies solely on Scourge and in doing so suffered hardly any abuse from other prisoners as it was all directed at Scourge instead. Al was later seen having lunch with Scourge and Cal before The Destructix and their boss, Fiona Fox, secured the table and forced them to leave.
A day later, Al and Cal were engaged in a discussion about Scourge as he was being beaten up right in front of them. When The Zone Cops broke it up and took Scourge to go see Warden Zobotnik, they asked if he could put a "good word" in for them with the Warden. After witnessing Scourge managing to partially patch things up and forge an alliance with Sergeant Simian and Predator Hawk, Al and Cal asked if they could join Scourge's crew. But when asked, Scourge said that he was merely scheduling beatings to which they then asked if he could do the same for them. Al and Cal then parted ways with Scourge and went off to bed.

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