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Horde thinks
Horde thinks

Horde suddenly and violently makes his presence known at the X-Mansion, and starts laying waste to the various mutant heroes. Storm is the first to fall, subsequent X-Men fair no better. Psylocke is the last to reach the scene, and she is stunned to see her comrades inactive bodies floating helplessly about a tall, strange alien man. Horde. Horde has defeated the X-Men, and Captain Britain and Meggan. Seemingly without effort he teleports all of the characters present to a new and strange aline landscape. The X-Men recover and challenge Horde yet again. Horde does not move as he is blasted and battered with all the various X-Men attacks. Knives, claws, lasers, plasma, telepathy, blocks of ice, and fist all collide with Horde's body. The intensity of the X-Men's combined creates a smoke cloud. After the dust settles, a smiling levitating Horde smiles, and the X-Men now finally realize their efforts are futile. Horde makes light of the X-Men, teasing and taunting individually and as a group, revealing his bitter and cold personality. He forces himself on Storm, and mocks Dazzler. With little choice, Horde commands the X-Men into a nearby citadel.

The X-Men enter, but little do they know that Horde seeks what lies in the heart of the mysterious Citadel and the reasons he sends them, is because although his great physical power, he can not overcome the Citadels defenses. Now with the X-Men distracting its guards and security, Horde is free to follow though, to reach his ultimate hearts content. With X-Men fallen to the wayside, defeated individually by the Citadel, only Wolverine has managed to reach its center. A final climatic battle takes place between Horde and Wolverine, with Horde seemingly killing the feral mutant. However the blood of Wolverine falls on the crystal shard at the center of the citadel, resurrecting Wolverine and granting him enormous power. Wolverine uses his newfound power to defeat Horde and release the X-Men from the Citadels traps.


Horde is a Marvel comic book character and was created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis for the Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 released in 1982. He was the main antagonist of the Annual. He has yet to appear since.

Character Evolution

Horde served as a fairly one dimensional character, only appeared once, and seeming to be only motivated by power. He also only seemed to serve to advance the plot of which consisted of placing various X-men characters into tough dilemmas involving their greatest personal desires.

Powers and Abilities

Hordes claws
Hordes claws

Horde never demonstrated many powers, but he did demonstrate great power, specifically durability and teleportation. Though unknown means he is able to effortless render all the X-Men (the team at the time) unconscious, Captain Britain and Meggan included. His durability and defenses were extreme, being able to take Wolverine's adamantium claw slashes without damage, blasts and beams from Dazzler, and Havok, the physical force of Captain Britain and Rogue all at the same time seemingly unfazed by any of it. He was capable of healing the X-Men after their first defeat at his hands, and also took the liberty of dressing them into their battle attire. Horde was also able to teleport himself and many others, extremely large distances. He claimed immunity to having his mind read, Rogue's absorption, and Longshots luck effects.

Much of Horde's power seemed to be derived from the Crystal of Ultimate Vision located on his forehead. This also seemed to grant him immortality. Removal of this shard by someone powerful enough, seemingly is enough to defeat him.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 14'
  • Weight: 2500 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Orange

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