Should Hope Go Public

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It would seem that the world doesn't know what is going on with mutants right now. Many are just hating on the X-Men and Utopia. It was once an excepted fact that mutants were people that had a mutant gene that activated at puberty, this is no longer the case since M-Day and the Second Coming of Hope Summers. Since Hopes return to the present we have found that mutant genes are unstable and that the only way for a mutant to have their powers fully activate and be controllable is to have Hope make contact with them.  
However it does not seem like this information has been given to the general public. The team seems to almost work in secret and take the mutants that have changed, as we saw with the " Trial of Primal" this is not really an affective strategy. If the parents knew that their sons mutation was probably going to result in his death if Hope had not saved him, do you think that they would have been more understanding from the start? 
Should the X-Men have made some kind of announcement to the world to say that the people with an activating X-Gene are in a form of danger unless they can be "treated" by Hope? Would this cause a panic among the people that were on the fence about mutants? Could knowing that he had a chance at a normal life have saved Zeeshan, the Seventh mutant signature from activating, life? He killed himself partially because he did not see any hope for the future, if he knew that the girl named Hope was on her way to save him he might have been able to hold on long enough to have a full life. The Five Lights were tasked with one goal, save the new mutants of the world, that job may be easier if the world knew they were coming.
Is there a responsibility to alert the public to what is going on with mutants or should it be hidden on this mysterious island known as Utopia?
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Going public could have huge dangers. The biggest would be everyone knowing how to take mutants out for good. Who knows what all this means with the Scarlet Witch rumblings about...


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