should cyborg have his own comic?

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when the new 52 came out, it was exciting to see Cyborg as part of the justice league roster, but thing that confused me was the fact that he did not have a title of his own. All the other members of the league have one. Why not him. With his own title it'll make him a more dynamic character and more interesting.Does he not have a comic because is there not enough beef in his stories or was was he never an interesting character. He had mini series of his own in the pre-52 era, but I heard it they weren't that good. Even with that fact I firmly believe Cyborg should have his own comic title... any opinions?


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@sourcebreaker: And he should have it with Hope Summer's?

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@TheCrowbar: they're the perfect team....duh!

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this was in the wrong forum. sorry!

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Hell yeah!

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Although I don't find him that interesting others might and he is in the JL so he should get a shot.

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