Hope O'Dare

    Character » Hope O'Dare appears in 53 issues.

    The only female member of the O'Dare family by blood and not marriage

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    Born and raised in Opal City, Hope O'Dare is the youngest member of the current adult generation of the O'Dare clan, a police dynasty that has protected Opal City since their arrival there from Ireland in 1889. Like the rest of her family, she joined the Opal City Police Department and has been policing the city she loves ever since.


    Hope was created by writer James Robinson and artist Tony Harris. She first appeared in Starman #1.

    Major Story Arcs


    Hope acts as a police officer alongside her family members, working with Starman to protect Opal. When the Shade and Matt O'Dare are in trouble, she seeks the assistance of Jack Knight. She comes into contact with the anti-villainous Shade during Ted Knight's kidnapping, and forms an uneasy relationship with him that is not made any more trusting by his apparent involvement in a murder that she and her family begin investigating. She is caught up in the events of Grand Guignol, and is held captive alongside the other associates of Jack Knight. Following these events, Hope decides to take some time off and leaves Opal.

    Blackest Night

    Having expressed romantic interest in the past, Hope and Shade go on a date. However, they are interrupted by the Blackest Night, when a former Starman, David Knight, is resurrected and begins to rampage through Opal City. Hope teams up with Shade to defeat the undead Knight.

    The Shade

    Now in a relationship with the Shade, Hope encourages him to go on an adventure. When Deathstroke attempts to kill Shade he comes to Hope to bid her farewell as he prepares to travel and uncover the plot against him.

    The Speed of Darkness

    Uncovering what she believes to be the Shade's relapse into his criminal ways, Hope is kidnapped by the true culprits, the sentient energies of the Darklands. She is transported into the Darklands, where she is brainwashed by the energies there and becomes their queen. She is rescued by Shade, working in concert with Flash and Kid Flash.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hope is an ordinary human with no known superhuman abilities. As a police officer she has training in armed and unarmed combat, with particular proficiency with a handgun and shotgun.


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