Hooded Claw

    Character » Hooded Claw appears in 9 issues.

    Voiced by comedian Paul Lynde as a deliciously over-the-top parody of a pulp villain, The Hooded Claw spends his time capturing Penelope Pitstop and gleefully placing her in over-elaborate death traps that never work; oddly enough, he seems perfectly happy about this and simply looks forward to the next death trap effort.

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    As Sylvester Sneekly, he is Penelope Pitstop's trusted and overly prim legal guardian; as The Hooded Claw, he is Penelope Pitstop's sarcastic and scenery-chewing ham of a nemesis.

    As The Hooded Claw, he is assisted by the Bully Brothers, identical twins dressed in a parody of 1930s era British gangsters.

    In the final episode of the series, one of the Ant-Hill Mob stole his Hooded Claw costume and, for whatever reason, he chose to retire from villainy rather than try to make a new costume, chuckling all the way.

    The Hooded Claw is a master of disguise and quick-change artist; in addition to this, he is astonishingly talented at building over-elaborate death traps at a moment's notice out of anything at hand. His most notable talent is his unflagging and mocking laughter.


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