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Gabby is the youngest of the four surviving Sisters, ten clones of Wolverine (Laura Kinney) created by Alchemax Genetics. She, along with Zelda, Bellona, and X23_3PAR managed to escape confinement, and participated in their attacks to punish their creators for the way they were treated.


Gabby was created by Tom Taylor and David Lopez and first appeared in All-New Wolverine issue 2 (2016).

Major Story Arcs

Joining X-23

Although Gabby has done some questionable things before and after her escape, Doctor Strange confirmed with the Eye of Agamotto that she is fundamentally innocent because Zelda and Bellona both took great pains to protect her from the worst of what was done to them in an effort to preserve her innocence. She therefore lacks Zelda's jaded determination and Bellona's rage. It also made her the first to reach out to Wolverine for help — tipping her off to X23_3PAR's attempt to assassinate Director Chandler's son in Paris — and the first to begin trusting her. After she was sent to the desert by Logan, she got angry with him and changed her costume and name to disrespect Logan’s legacy. Under her new alias, scout, she is now a desert fox themed vigilante.

Same powers as wolverine. As scout, using rigorous training in the desert she gained a speed boost and is a more defined martial artist. She also gained the unique ability to communicate with fennec foxes exclusiveley. Her tan new “foxtume” allows her to blend in with the desert.


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