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    Hondo Karr was a blond, Human male Mandalorian. During the Battle of Botajef he was betrayed and in order to survive and expose the traitor, put on the armor of stormtrooper and got conscripted into the Joker Squad. He later deserted and joined to Galactic Alliance.

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    Hondo Karr is a human male Mandalorian who, during the Second Imperial Civil War served two out of the four main factions, the Sith Empire as a stormtrooper and the Galactic Alliance Remnant as a pilot i

    n Rogue Squadron. Near the end of the war he left Rogue Squadron and became a Mandalorian again.



    Hondo Karr participated in the Battle of Botajef as a Mandalorian commando fighting against the Imperials. Even though the Mandalorians are better fighters than the Imperial stormtroopers the Imperials are advancing because of superior numbers and the Mandalorians lack of Galactic Alliance reinforcements. Karr is commanded be the current Mand’alore to check the communications station to see why the reinforcements have not arrived. He enters the station and finds a fellow Mandalorian, Yaga Auchs, killing the personnel in the station. Auchs turns his blaster on Karr and shoots him, as Auchs leaves, he tosses a thermal detonator into the room, blowing it up and leaving Karr unconscious. When Karr wakes up the battle is winding down and finds out from his friend Vevec that the Mand’alore is dead and their position is overrun and they are stuck on the planet because Yaga Auchs lead a retreat. Karr starts taking off his armor and putting stormtrooper armor on telling Vevec that Auchs is a traitor and he must be exposed. Vevec refuses to abandon his Beskar’gam, Mandalorian Armor, and turns his blaster rifle on Karr, telling him to survive and expose Auchs before getting shot by stormtroopers. Imperial Sergeant Harkas arrives and after Karr tells him that his unit is dead, he pulls Karr into Joker Squad.

    Imperial Stormtrooper

    When Anson “Noob” Trask joins Joker Squad during the Second Imperial Civil War, Hondo Karr is still alive and well but he doesn’t talk to Trask because new guys rarely last long. Joker Squad is then assigned to fight the 908, a stormtrooper unit that defected from the Sith Empire to the Fel Empire, on the planet Borosk. During the battle, Hondo was patient and calm, able to kill troopers from the 908 even though some of the others found it difficult. After the first day, Lord Maleval, a Sith Lord, arrives at the Jokers camp and contradicts their Lieutenant’s offer of a cease fire and informs Joker Squad that they would be taking the front lines the next day. This doesn’t sit well with Karr and he makes a vague threat to Maleval and gets Force-pushed into a pillar. When Maleval leaves, he tells the others that what they are doing is wrong and several others agree but Sergeant Harkas tells them all to do their duty no matter what and Karr reluctantly agrees. After the second day two other members of Joker Squad die and Sergeant Harkas is wounded. After the battle, Lord Maleval brings Captain Jared Cassel of the 908 to Joker Squad and tells his brother, Lieutenant Gil Cassel, to kill him. Cassel refuses and is killed by Maleval. Karr attacks Maleval with a vibro-knife but is easily overpowered. Maleval wraps a shock whip around Karr’s neck and begins to electrocute him but he is saved by Noob, who shoots Maleval in the back, killing him. Karr thanks Trask and walks away.

    Galactic Alliance Pilot

    Sometime later, Hondo finds his way to the Galactic Alliance Remnant and joins Rogue Squadron. Soon after joining up on the flight deck of the Indomitable, the fleet’s flagship, he gets into a knife fight with the Dug pilot, Andurgo. After a few moments of fighting, it is broken up by Commander Jhoram Bey, Karr takes the blame for starting the fight which earns him the respect of Andurgo and they leave the flight deck to drink. During the Battle of Mon Calamari Karr is part of an operation to steal a new Advanced Star Destroyer Imperious by disguising himself and the rest of the operatives as Imperial forces that take the ship back from Alliance members trying to steal the ship. They succeed and take the Imperious but at a high cost to the Alliance Fleet.

    A short time later Karr is assigned to go to Napdu with Anj Dahl so they can talk to Azzim the Hutt about smuggli

    ng Mon Calamari from Napdu to Nar Shaddaa after Sith Emperor Darth Krayt orders the extermination of the Mon Calamari. On their way Anj expresses doubts about her ability to lead Rogue Squadron. Karr tells her that her problem is that she is friends with the other members of the squad and that they will most likely be killed in combat and she needs to see them as comrades-in-arms and live in the here and now. She tells him he sounds like a Mandalorian. She asks if he was on and he simply says that here and now he is a Rogue. When they land on Napdu they are confronted by security guards who want to see their cargo but Karr starts a fight instead; the guards stun them and bring them to Azzim. When they awaken Karr complains that getting stunned wasn’t part of the deal but Azzim says it was a necessity because of spies. After they come to an agreement Anj and Karr start to leave but are ambushed by Tes Vevec, Hondo’s ex-wife. Tes is trying to kill him because she thinks that he killed her father during the Battle of Botajef all those years ago. Tes is attacked by security droids for shooting inside of Azzim’s bathhouse and as she deals with them Kar

    r sends Anj back to the ship to finish the mission then he tries to talk to Tes but she just shoots at him. They fight through the bathhouse and into an empty steam room that fogs up the sensors in Tes’s armor. He ambushes her and gets her into a choke hold but she breaks it and slices him with a blade in her armor. He holds her head underwater until she is out of breath before releasing her so he can tell her his story. When he does, she calls him a liar, saying that Yaga Auchs is the Mand’alore and is keeping most of the Mandalorians on planet so they can rebuild and his story of the battle is very different than what Hondo claims to be true and she puts a blaster to his head asking why she should believe him. Karr says she would know if he was lying and if she doesn’t believe him, pull the trigger. Anj runs into the room and finds Hondo and Tes not fighting, when he asks why, she tells him that he is a R

    ogue and a friend. He tells her he is no longer a Rogue and to take care of everyone before leaving with Tes. On her ship, Hondo retrieves his old Mandalorian Armor which Tes found on Botajef while recovering her father’s body. When he returns to the cockpit his armor has a new paint scheme black for justice and gold for revenge. He and Tes then prepare to take a job to get

    money so they can find proof that Auchs is working for someone, probably an Imperial, and then take him down.


    Hondo Karr is a quiet and private person, especially with fellow soldiers after the Battle of Botajef. After seeing the betrayal of Yaga Auchs which lead to the death of Vevec and other Mandalorian comrades and witnessing the death of fellow stormtrooper Jes Gistang during the Battle of Borosk, he refused, and was partially unable, to have any bonds with his fellow soldiers. He never talked about his past, letting others think what they will because he believed in living in the here and now. This was probably in part because he reversed loyalties several time out of necessity.

    He also has a very strict code of honor and loyalty. His loyalty extends to his comrades and superiors even if they gave orders he disagreed with. He has a great dislike of unnecessary cruelty toward enemy combatant. This is what ultimately caused him to attack the Sith Lord Maleval when the Maleval killed the Cassel brothers.


    Hondo Karr has no super powers nor is he Force-sensitive. He is, however, a Mandalorian Commando and an excellent warrior. He is capable with nearly any type of weapon, during his service in the vario

    us armies in which he served he showed proficiency with blaster rifles, blaster pistols, vibro-knives, and star fighters. He was also an excellent close-quarters combatant with or without weapons.


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    Hondo Karr owned several types of armor in his career. During his days as a stormtrooper in Joker Squad he wore the regular standard issue armor but always carried a vibro-knife. He also had his Beskar’gam, his Mandalorian armor, during the Battle of Botajef it was olive green with dark yellow accents around the red T-shaped visor, shoulder and knee pieces, and gauntlets. When he got his armor back after joining forces with his ex-wife he changed the color of his armor to all black with gold accents around his visor and a gold stripe down the chest plate and upper arm. He always carried a vibro-knife which he used with great skill, enough to believe he could kill or at least wound a Sith lord with.


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