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Brief History

Honcho was taken down by Spider Man for pushing heroin and sent to jail. Honcho would meet three other prisoners named Gripes, Sugar Face and Pigeon who were also in jail because of Spider Man. Honcho worked in the machine shop in prison and would eventually befriend the Vulture during his stay. Toomes was a lonely man and would talk about his flying harness to Honcho. Honcho was an engineer that attained the information on the Vulture's flying suit and created their own vulture wings after all four men were released early for being model prisoners. All four men were given a suit and called themselves the Vulturions with Honcho acting as team leader. They pulled a successful bank robbery on their first outing with their wings but Honcho had to make some repairs and adjustments a few days later. Honcho wanted the Vulturions to test out their suits one day and ordered them to not engage Spider Man if they see him because it was just a scouting expedition. However, Gripes saw Spider Man and decided to take him on before his back up arrived. Spider Man eventually encounters all four members of the Vulturions while his black symbiote suit started to act up. Spider Man engaged Honcho after the rest of his team were taken out. Spider Man jumped onto Honcho's back and forced him to fly near the bell towers because the intense sound would overwhelm the symbiote suit. Spider Man allowed Honcho to fly away because he didn't want his death on his conscious if the symbiote killed him. 


Honcho was created by Louise Simonson and Greg Larocque in 1985 and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man # 1. 

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