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    Team » Homo Magi appears in 18 issues.

    A sub-race of human beings capable of naturally wielding magic without immediate consequence. They're also the ancestors of the modern, sea-adapting race of Atlanteans.

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    Homo Magi are the species of humans that are able to wield magic, whether it be for good or for evil. Usually this ability is passed down through familial relations; for example the Zatara's; from Giovanni to Zatanna and Zachary.

    However the ability to wield magic is shown in very different ways, depending on the family. The Zatara's are able to wield their magic by speaking their spells backwards, but those like Black Alice wield it through touch.

    Others use spells and witchcraft to augment their natural gifts, or use magic items.

    Often these users or magic go up against evil such as demons or each other if they do not use their gifts for good.

    They also often have long lifespans and eternal youth, for example Felix Faust is over five thousand years old.


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