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Homer Glint was a novelist and Sportsman who lived on Earth in the 22nd Century. Along with his friendly rivals Karel Sorensen and Rick Purvis, Homer was independetly wealthy - wealthy enough to own a personal spacecraft, which was still considered to be a luxury item at that time.

Unwilling to let the days waste away as they sat idle, the trio sought adventure and often found themseles involved with cases that threatened the very existence of the Earth.

In an attempt to overcome these threats, Homer and his fellow Star Rovers would experience Seperate adventures and emerge triumphant, each one convinced that only he or she had found the proper solution to the main threat. Usually, however, it was only when they compared theories that the Star Rovers would discover the true solution to the problem.

Homer and his fellow Star Rovers operated independently from any Earth organisation, and their feats often went unheralded and unnoticed. None of them minded that though, as it meant they could retain their anonimity and their much valued privacy.

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