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    The place from which all the Fables came.

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    The Homelands are a diverse collection of worlds that were the homes to every known Fable. Each type of Fable (Germanic, Arabian, English, etc) has a unique world that houses all of the legends of that culture. There also exist magical gateways that link one world to another. When the Adversary began rising to power, he did not only set his sights upon his own home world but the panoply of worlds in existence. As he meticulously conquered each realm with his near indestructible Wooden Soldiers and the army of sorcerers at his bidding, many Fables fled from their respective worlds to the Mundane world--the equivalent of the "real world" where no one has super powers or magical abilities.

    Many different types of Fables have shown up in the pages of Fables, Jack of Fables, and the various spin-offs. Below is a listing of the major and minor lands as well as important characters of events that belong to each.

    Major Homelands

    These places have been explicitly mentioned or shown in the pages of Fables.

    *Americana is different from many of the other Homelands because it contains a multitude of smaller regions within it that encapsulate

    centuries of American literature. Some of these areas include: Steamboat, Gangland, Lone Star, Antebellum, Idyll, the Colonies, the West, and the Great White North

    Minor Homelands

    These places either played little role in major story arcs or were assumed to exist due to the presence of certain Fables in the diaspora community.

    • Albion
    • Alexandria--the Egyptian Fable land where Prose Page visits
    • Aquitaine
      Map of where some of the Homelands would fit into the real world.
      Map of where some of the Homelands would fit into the real world.
    • Aragon
    • Bilbao
    • Bretagne
    • Bourgogne
    • Fryslan
    • Gascogne
    • Karnten
    • Kordan-- minor land linked to Skold
    • Levant--mentioned as one of the areas Prose Page visited
    • Lotharin
    • Septimanie
    • Skold--minor land that is a link between Kordan and the Rus; Boy Blue kills a dragon here
    • Thrumbly Warrens--briefly shown in Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, home of Colonel Thunderfoot
    • Tiabrut--the minor land where Mister Dark was imprisoned
    • Wonderland--never shown, but many characters have shown up on the Farm or in the Golden Boughs

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