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The Homeland Security Squadron was a short lived team backed by a cadre of corrupt US senators who wanted the extermination of Citizen Soldier, a SPB who was really a reincarnated George Washington.

Team Achilles, a new division of Stormwatch composed by soldiers trained to deal with SPB menaces was forced to work with the Squadron when a horde of zombies take over the Capitol. Two members of both team breach inside. Hexebus and Ripslashbloodclawmaimblade, from the Squadron go with Jukko and Jaeger, from Team Achilles. But when the situaton escalted and the breachers found themselves surrounded by zombies and fighting for their lives, Hexebus and Ripslashbloodclawmaimblade accidentally kill themselves in the struggle. The other two members were missing in action.

After such poor perforance there were no further appearances of the team.

The Members:

  • Peter Moran aka Giant aka Hallibastard.
  • Hexebus (accidentally killed by Ripslashbloodclawmaimblade).
  • Jannisary
  • Psychik Grrrl
  • Ripslashbloodclawmaimblade (accidentally killed by Hexebus).

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