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Holo was created by Christos Gage and Neal Adams and first appeared in the First X-Men series.

Major Story Arcs

The First X-Men

First X-Men #1
First X-Men #1

Holly Bright appears on a government watch list found by Logan and Sabretooth who head to Washington, DC to save her. She is found in an alley providing a man who lost his daughter with a hologram to try and make peace. Logan approaches Holly as they are attacked by mech-wearing soldiers. Holly manifests an enormous monster to scare the soldiers which works long enough for them to get away. The three head to Oxford to meet Charles Xavier. On the way Holly reveals her true form to Logan and Creed. Once they meet up with Xavier, Holly creates an image of Anthony to show Charles what is happening to mutants on the streets to convince him to help. Charles turns them down and they head in search for Erik Lehnsherr.

While training alongside Victor, Holly develops a relationship with him, to which Logan disapproves. During the Sentinels attack on Logan and his rescues, Virus takes control of Sabretooth and forces him to attack Holo. Her wounds were severe but before she passes, she uses her power to show Victor the life they could have had together.

Powers & Abilities

Holly Bright has the ability to produce holograms on a level which fool most human senses. She has already displayed this ability in a variety of different ways. Holly was able to fool Logan and Creed by projecting an image of a much older woman. She was also able to project an image of a gigantic monster which terrified several armed soldiers.

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