Holly Granger

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    Hawk was an agent of Chaos along with her sister Dove, who is an agent of Order. The original Hawk, Hank Hall, went insane and was replaced by Holly Granger as the new Hawk. However during Blackest Night, Holly was killed when Black Lantern Hank Hall ripped out her heart.

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    Holly Granger is the estranged and aggressive sister of Dawn Granger. After discovering her sister still alive, Holly gained the powers of Chaos and became the new Hawk. Holly and Dawn then join the Teen Titans as reserve members, and briefly joined the team during the missing year. They didn't last long though, because Hawk's inability to get along with Aquagirl led to a lot of in-team fighting until it was too much and Hawk & Dove left.

    Another Hawk, Another Death

    After reclaiming Titans Island on the East River, Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team. After the elder Titans turned down membership, Cyborg gathered a Titans East composed of Hawk & Dove, Power Boy, Little Barda, Anima, Lagoon Boy and Son of Vulcan.

    During a routine training exercise, Cyborg ordered the rest of the team to take down Power Boy. But the newest Titans were shocked to discover Power Boy's burned corpse hanging from a tree. Before the team could react, they were savagely attacked by an unseen foe, however they survived.

    During the new Titans mini-series and Countdown to Mystery, it's shown that both Hawk and Dove managed to cheat death one more time.

    Blackest Night

    Holly and Dawn are seen with the other Titans during Heroes Day, observing statues of fallen Titans. Holly says Hank's statue shouldn't be here, exclaiming he was rude, hot-headed, sexist and died a villain in the end anyway. Dawn explains that it was his powers that made him that way, and he was good when you got to know him.

    Later, as Black Lantern Rings descend on the Earth, Holly and Dawn exit a nightclub arguing over their methods of doing things. They find a trail of dead hawks and doves and follow it to an abandoned library. They are greeted by Hank Hall, now resurrected as a Black Lantern, who exclaims that it's always left to Hawk to do the dirty work (As the Black Lantern rings couldn't resurrect Don Hall). He attacks, hurting Holly. Dove easily dodges his strikes, and he focuses on Hawk. Hank manages to stun Dawn and rip out Holly's heart, killing her. Dawn lets loose on Hank until a Black Power ring gets to Holly's corpse, transforming her into a Black Lantern. Realizing she can't defeat them, Dove retreats for help as both Hawks chase her.

    Dove reaches Titans Tower, only to find they're also under siege from murderous Titans turned Black Lanterns (Omen, Terra, Tempest, Wildebeest, Pantha, Dolphin, Tula, etc.). She evades the Hawks until she is backed into a corner. Holly is ready to steal her heart. She reaches for Dawn's chest, but Dawn suddenly exudes a White Light. The light wraps around Holly's arm, hurting her. All of the other Black Lanterns notice this and rush at her. Dove unleashes a White blast, destroying Holly and all the other Black Lanterns, save for Hank, Terra and Tempest, who retreat.

    Brightest Day

    When the Hawk (Hank, resurrected) and Dove accompany Deadman to the graveyard where Holly is buried they try to resurrect Hawk's brother to no avail. When they try to resurrect Holly, the White Lantern Ring warns them not to try and when they ignore it, she resurrects as a Black Lantern once again however Deadman uses the ring to put her to rest. The White Lantern Entity later informs Hank that he must stop the boomerang that Digger Harkness will throw at Dove.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'11"
    • Weight: 140 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Red
    • Citizenship: British
    • Place of Birth: London, England
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Known Relatives: Dawn Granger (sister), Russ Granger (father), Maire Granger (mother)
    • Base of Operations: Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

    Other Media

    Titans (2018-2023)

    Although never seen, Dawn (Sister of Holly) and their mother talk about Holly being in dancing classes.


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