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Holly Ann Ember
Holly Ann Ember
Holly-Ann was a young girl whom possessed powerful superhuman powers. She had been born and raised in the town of Venture Ridge in Wyoming, where she still resided when it had been cut off from the rest of the world by a powerful forcefield. Only the latent wishing powers of the little girl where able to call in four super heroines from the outside world to help the small town. Holly-Ann was a huge fan of superheroes, knowledgeable and inspired by them, so when her subconscious used her powers to summon some of her heroes, she teleported the founding Avengers member Wasp, super strong She-Hulk, the cat like Tigra and the X-man Storm. It just so happened that Venture Ridge was on top of an AIM facility, which tested and manufactured and tested powerful and experimental weapons and devices. When head AIM researcher the Timekeeper at that facility identified a massive source of power located in Venture Ridge, AIM surround the town within a force field. No one outside of the town is aware of its predicament and many of its inhabitants start to go mad and crazy with their sudden and forced isolation. Holly Ann always obsessed with super heroes goes into her own little world and draws in the aforementioned heroes. However Storm, Wasp, She Hulk and Tigra were initially amnesiacs, Holly Ann found them and helped them remember who they were. AIM had made more threats against the town, demanding they give over their great power, with most of the town unaware who or what AIM was referring to. Wasp postulated that AIM must be referring to Holly Ann. The four super powered woman, left to deal with AIM, with townspeople initially uncertain what to do with Holly Ann. They summoned their decency though and joined the outnumbered and over powered heroines to defeat the AIM researchers. Holly Ann was especially grateful to her favorite heroes, but her parents were concerned about their daughters great powers. Storm left them with a business card of Charles Xavier. 


Holly-Ann Ember is a Marvel comic books character. She has made only one appearance in a Marvel Graphic Novel so far. Marvel Graphic Novel #16. She was created by Jim Shooter, David Michelinie and Greg LaRocque. 

Powers and Abilities

Holly-Ann has reality shaping and manipulating powers. She uses these powers almost to wish things true. She primarily wished, or used her powers to teleport people, and to create or materialize uniforms out of nothing. Her powers seem limited by her understanding and application of them. Not surprising given her age level. Consciously trying to use her powers has resulted in lack of success. Maturity may advance or improve on this however. In her dream state she was the super hero Starbird 
Physical Characteristics 
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 65 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

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