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When she first came to the United States, Wonder Woman realized she would need help in her adventures. She recruited Etta Candy at the Holliday College for Women, who in turn recruited 99 of her classmates to aid Wonder Woman. However, after their first adventure, the number of Holliday Girls seen were most often three or less, not including Etta Candy. Known members of the Holliday Girls are: Arda Prosperous, Betty, Brenda, Dorine, Dorothy Lord, Eve Brown, Faith Alden, Gay, Gell Osey, Glamora Treat, Hester, Janet Foster, Jean Townsend, Lillie, Lita Little, Inez Grey, Lorrie, Marcia, Marcy Young, Mary Lane, Marya, Patsy Peters, Selina, Roberta "Bobbie" Strong, Ruth Rorick, Susan Tardee, Tina Toy, Thelma Tall, Tress Akter, Virginia True, Wanta Wynn and Millie & Tillie Heyday.

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