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Masanobu was a model that recently quit his job. He didn't like the fact his boss kept making advances towards him. This lead to rumors that he may be homosexual. Masanobu really just doesnt like women with big breast. Alot of his fans arent sure what to make of the guy. They all jump to conclusions openly even with him standing before their eyes. Masanobu's life changes after gaining a stalker. He finally attempts to ditch her and buys a bike from a fan. Masanobu takes off after promising the fan a ride with him unaware the stalker quickly took her place. He tries to get the gothic female to go away while at a red light in traffic. This is when he is hit by a truck and killed with his stalker


Masanobu arrives in Gantz's room meeting Kei,Kishimoto,Masaru,Nishi,and some bikers that have been recently killed as well. He is the only guy besides Nishi not to have interest in Kishimoto,likely because of her big breasts. Masanobu listens to Masaru and puts on the Gantz Power Suit. Although he is the only one to put his clothes ontop of it. When Nishi kills one of the bikers. Masanobu nearly throws up but holds it in while Kei lets it all out. The atomosphere changes quick as the group begin the Tanaka Alien Mission

Tanaka Alien Mission

Masanobu stands around for most of the beginning. He watches like others as Nishi is nearly killed by one of the Tanaka. Masanobu shows some smarts as the only other person besides Nishi to bring a radar. He also the first to acknowledge a bomb is implanted in everyone's head. Something Masaru and Kei both neglected after finding a headless senator that tried to go home on the first mission. Masanobu reveals also there must a time limit for their mission after finding a clock on the radar. He finally shows bravery in helping Kishimoto save an overwhelmed Masaru from death. Masanobu shines again in pointing out the Tanaka cant breathe outside of their humanoid suits. Masanobu ends up aiding Kishimoto in killing a few Tanaka Aliens. He was then petrified in facing the Boss Tanaka that for some reason ignored him and pursued Kei,the only one not wearing a suit at this point. It isnt long before Kei ends up killing the boss of the mission. Thus returning Masanobu to the room with the other survivors. All begin to see their scores and Masanobu discovers a cruel twist of fate. The stalker that died with him is also in the room. This is also the point where Masanobu gains his nickname from Gantz,HOMO. Leading everyone to believe Masanobu is gay and ruining his image in their eyes as Gantz gives nicknames by individual features.

Buddist Alien Mission

Masanobu returns with others for the briefing of this mission. There are alot more people this time but most have fallen prey to a priest. Masanobu cares little of debating the facts unlike Masaru. The mission commences with everyone finding the targets. Once again Masanobu is standing while all watch Kei going into action afer finding the determination to survive. Kei defeats the two giant Buddist Aliens only to face a bigger one. Masanobu joins with Masaru,Kishimoto, and Sadako his stalker to save an idle man that can see the giant at large. This also when Sadako finally reveals she is actually attractive.He also joins in firing upon the overwhelming Titan Buddist Alien. Ultimately Kei kills this alien as well. This leads everyone to more aliens not mentioned by Gantz. The group split to find and kill all the human size Buddist Aliens. Unfortunately Masanobu and Sadako ended up finding the boss. In his finally moments Masanobu gave into Sadako's crush before they were both severed at the waist.

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