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Sadojima Hōji is Shishio's second in command.In the past, before meeting Shishio, Hōji used to be an official in the Meiji government. He eventually lost faith in it, seeing no one in the government as worthy of controlling the country. They had no vision for the future which would lead the country to greatness. Soon he abandoned his position in the government. After being aimless for years, he eventually met Shishio. 
Hōji, too, envisions Japan as a mighty power and this coincided with Shishio's goals to lead Japan there. Hoji was also convinced of ruling with the principles of basic animal survival; survival of the fittest.  Hoji remained at his masters side during all the preparations for the take over of Japan and the organization of his army and even the JupponGatana.
His most promising plan originated when he purchased the Rengoku ( Purgatory; a gigantic war ship) on the black market. Though his plan with the Rengoku fails because of   Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Saitō, it was magnificent in its potential.  The ship is blown up and sunk; mostly since Hōji did not have any members of the Ten Swords accompany the ship, this becomes his most glaring failure in service of Shishio though he is remorseful enough to stab his own arm in retribution.  After this he is 'baptized' by Shishio's intense body heat to kindle in him a very real belief in hell. 

 During the climatic battle between Shishio and Kenshin his belief in Shishio becomes even more clear as he throws away a gun he had even after learning of Shishio's fifteen minute limit. 
He is a broken man when Shishio is defeated by Kenshin; in his disbelief  he then attempts to destroy the complex in which the fight took place so that if Kenshin died, there would be no victor; thus in his eyes Shishio would never have been beaten. 
As the complex collapses, Hōji is saved by Anji and Sōjirō. Anji convinces Hōji to surrender himself to the police, and Hōji agreed with the intent of using the criminal courts to project Shishio's ideals and plans.   This would not come to pass however as government officials decided that his voice was too dangerous and refused to grant him a trial. With no purpose left in life. Hōji committed suicide in prison by slitting his own throat.
With his last breath he wrote a message on the wall with his own blood: "This world is dead to me now. I go to follow my master to hell."
This message was directed at the Meiji government to convey Hōji's disgust with the regime and his love and loyalty to Shishio. He is last shown in Hell with Shishio and Yumi, vowing to follow Shishio when the latter vows to conquer Hell. 

Skills and personality

Although he is not proficient in any fighting style, he is a cunning organizer and possesses frightening leadership qualities. He is often cool and calm and wears clothing very reminiscent of European aristocracy.



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