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Slave Number 23

Van Hohenheim was born in the country of Cselksess as Slave Number 23. He became a hard worker among the slaves, and he was one of those slaves singled out to be a test subject for the creation of some alchemic project. However, do to his very low status, he was not told about what the project was for, and was sent back to his duties as a slave.

One day, as he swept up the filth of a dirty room, moving arouind the pieces of fallen debris on the ground, he heard a small voice calling to him, attemptng to make ontact with him, and for a second, he turned towards the sound. However, when he looked at the sound, he only saw a shelf, and, realizing that there was no person tere, continued on his cleaning duties.

The voice again called him, saying that he was ignoring it and that he had to come over to see the voice. Number 23 did as he was told, and looked down to see a small vial on the shelf with a small bal of black energy inside.

After seeing where the voice came from, he turned and returned to his duties saying that he would deal with the flask later. The Flask told him he should act more shocked or surprised at the talking to a strange ball of energy in a flask. However, Number 23 shrug this off, and returned to his sweeping.

Again the flask spoke up, saying how he liked that Number 23 was not easily scared and asked him his name, but when Number 23 told him his name, the flask was not happy with calling the boy a number, and again asked for his name. Number 23 then turned, and told the flask that he didn't have a name, and that he was only a slave. The flask then rattled off a definition of the word slave, only to confuse te young slave and for the flask to call him stupid.

The flask the changed its tone, and commented on how it didn't know how it came to be or why it was like what it was like. Then, suddenly, the flask said that Number 23 had to be the one who had given him his blood, and 23 confirmed this, causing the flask to say that it was Number 23 who had gven him life. Then, when the flask tried to give him gratitude, he realized that he thought just calling him 23 sounded cold, and decided to give the young slave another name.

First, the flask came up with the name Theofilatos Bombastus but this was quickly rejected ny Number 23, who said that it was way too long. Then, the flask came up with the name Von Hohenheim. The slave found this name appealing to him, and accepted it as his new name. The flask then began to tell him how to spell the name, but realized that Hoenheim could neither read nor write, and told him that he would never be able to get out of his lifestyle as a slave if he could neither read or write.

The flask then asked Hoenheim if he wished to escape from the shackles of his life, and offered him knowledge, and to teach him how to escape. Then, Hoenheim, both shocked and skeptical, asked for the flasks name. The energy in the flask then began to shift, and a grin appeared on its features as well as an eye, and he told Hohenheim to call him Homunculus, the Dwarf inside the Flask. Homun, as he was called, started to teach Hohenheim lots of things. He in turn started to teach the other slaves how to read and write. An advisor of the king caught him, so Hohenheim told him he could do some alchemy and asked him if he could be the advisors assistant. A few years later, the king of Cselksess called Homun to explain to him about immortality.

The king found men to dig huge ditches in the earth around Cselksess, which would be a transmutation circle. The same men killed a huge number of people in upper Cselkcess. Years later the ditches were done and everything was ready. The king put a drop of his blood in ash and started the process. Little black hands with three fingers on each hand and extremely long arms began to come out of the ground and everyone except Hoheheim and Homun started to die. That was because they were in the middle. Hohenheim was sucked into an enormous eye. When he woke up he saw that everyone in Cseckcess was dead. He saw Homun who looked exactly like him. It turned out that both Hohenheim and Homun were now immortal! Hohenheim left and became a wanderer, teaching himself more and more alchemy, and eventually introducing it to the country of Xing, where he ended up in. After wandering for centuries, Hohenheim met the love of his life, Trisha Elric. He had two kids, namely Alphonse and Edward Elric. After a few years and a picture he would never forget, Hohenheim decided to leave since he would never age and he didn't want his kids to know. They thought he had abandoned them and soon Trisha died of grief. They, in turn, decided to try to bring her back from the dead. Meanwhile Hohenheim, feeling horrible, tried to find the Homunculi, now known as Father.

Years later Edward and Alphonse met him again and he explained his origin. They searched for Father and Hohenheim found him alone, which will ensue an incredible battle that will be revealed later.


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