Character » Hoggoth appears in 33 issues.

    Hoggoth is one of three vastly powerful benevolent beings who are collectively know as the Vishanti.

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    Hoggoth is a powerful entity and like Oshtur and Agamotto is a member of the Vishanti. Less is documented about him than the others within the Vishanti and many of the spells that entreat him seem to be alliterative ie: The Hook of Hoggoth, The Hand of Hoggoth, The Hounds of Hoggoth and the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth though there are others such as the Mists of Hoggoth. 


     Hoggoth is first mentioned in Strange Tales Vol 1 #116 written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Hoggoth is an extremely powerful mystic entity. As a part of the Vishanti, he has helped ward and defend Earth from such terrible threats as Set, Shuma Gorath and Chthon.

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