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    Hody Jones is a great white shark fish-man, and the leader of the New Fishman Pirates, who inherited the will of Arlong. He is the main antagonist of the Fishman Island arc.

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    Hody grew up in the Fish-Man District among the fish-men who hated humans and looked to anyone who died attacking humans as heroes. This prejudice only grew to an irrational hatred. Hody only joined the army of the Ryugu Kingdom to learn to fight. While in the service of the human-loving royal family, Hody witnessed the power to control the Sea Kings by the young Princess Shirahoshi. When he saw Queen Otohime nearing her goal of uniting fish-men with humans, Hody paid a human pirate to light the queen's list of signatures on fire. This served as a distraction to allow him to shoot Otohime from the distance, and he pinned the blame of the pirate he hired and later killed. Seeing Otohime murdered by a human derailed the queen's plan with the people.

    Hody soon quit the military and took with him a treasure he stole from the palace. It was an Energy Steroid that he gave to Zeo to duplicate. He later formed the New Fish-Man Pirates with his friends to one day take over the Ryugu Kingdom once they had the numbers. They all became more delusional seeing themselves as heroes of destiny. Their hatred for humans only grew when they heard Arlong had been defeated by Luffy, leader of the Straw Hat Pirates.


    One Piece Vol. 62 JPN (May 2011)
    One Piece Vol. 62 JPN (May 2011)

    Hody Jones (ホーディ・ジョーンズ, Hōdi Jōnzu) is an antagonist from the One Piece series that was created by Eiichiro Oda, the series writer and artist. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. His first appearance was in the later Fish-Man island Arc that began in Volume 61.

    He first appeared in One Piece Volume 62, CH. 608 "Underwater Paradise",

    Major Story Arcs

    Fish-Man Island Arc

    Hody had his men gather human pirates as slaves in perpetration of their attack. Soon after the Straw Hats arrived on Fish-Man Island, Hody made an alliance with Vander Decken IX and his crew. Hody needed him to use his powers to invade Ryugu Palace and kill Shirahoshi. They attacked in broke into the palace to find King Neptune and his men already captured b the Straw Hats. Hody flooded the palace, but he was still cut down by Roronoa Zoro. Hody still turned the tide with the Energy Steroid and captured the king and three Straw Hats. He later announced to the island that he planned to execute him at Conchcorde Plaza, and the captured pirates were left in Ryugu Palace to drown in a flooding room. He was also going to use the Queen's petition as a list of traitors to kill. This was to separate Luffy from Shirahoshi and draw her into his trap.

    Hody's overdosing of the Energy Steroid had caused Hody to undergo an incredible change that changed his skin white and his strength was vastly increased. The royal princes were soon captured, and so was the princess with Jimbei and Megalo. Madam Sharley was shot by Hody after she told him that Luffy was destined to destroy the island and not him. Hody then bragged how he was the killer of Otohime, but Shirahoshi knew. Megalo had witnessed him taking the shot, told the princess, and she kept the secret to honor her mother's finale wish. After mocking her, Hody prepared to kill the king. he was stopped by Luffy, who had been hiding in Megalo's mouth. The rest of the Straw Hats arrived, but Luffy used the Conqueror's Haki to defeat half of Hody's 100,000 men at once. Hody then tried getting the Kraken to kill Shirahoshi, but the beast had been befriended earlier by Luffy.

    The battle between Hody and Luffy moved to the ocean as Shirahoshi was trying to divert the giant Noah from crashing into the island, thanks to Decken's powers. Hody had the idea of killing Decken so Noah would crash into the island to destroy it. Luffy and Hody fought through the water, he survived the Red Hawk attack, and the battle moved onto the Noah. Hody was ultimately defeated by Luffy's Elephant Gatling attack. Hody and all his men were taken to prison, but the side effects of the drug they had been abusing finally hit. They had all been changed into weak, old fish-men. All they had was their hatred.

    Powers & Abilities

    Being a member of the fish-man race gives Hody enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to breath in the water. It's believe that fish-men are next to invincible in the water. They are faster than most humans on land, but even faster in the water. However, mermaid are faster than fish-men.

    Fish-Man Karate

    Fish-Man Karate (魚人空手, Gyojin Karate) is a form of martial arts that was developed by fish-men. It not only takes advantage of the naturally enhanced strength of fish-men kind, but it also works by manipulating water. This makes it especially effective against any living organism since all life is made from water. Hody's training is limited, and he overcompensates for his poor technique with power.

    • Shark Grip: The Shark Grip (粗鮫(ソシャーク), Soshāku) technique is mostly an attack depending on a fish-man's enhanced strength. With a single hand, Hody shattered by of a single wall at the Ryugu Palace.
    • Shark Arrows: The Shark Arrows (矢武鮫, Yabusame) technique is used by coating the warm with water and flinging it toward the target. The water control of this technique forms the water droplets into wave of sharp and fast arrows.
    • Water Shot: The Water Shot (撃水, Uchimizu) is a powerful technique where the user fires a condensed bullet of water. Hody's attack became far more powerful after his transformation from the Energy Steroid. However, this was still not as powerful as Jimbei's Water Shot.
    • Sea Drums: The Sea Drums (海太鼓, Umidaiko) technique creates a powerful shock wave withing the water. It can be devastating at close ranges.
    • Fish-Man Jui-Jutsu: Water Heart - Shark Pack: The Fish-Man Jui-Jutsu: Water Heart - Shark Pack technique uses large amounts of water to create a barrage of sharks made of water that can bite with the same force as the real thing.


    Hody showed he had the marksmanship with a standard long-range rifle to snipe Queen Otohime at an impressive range, out of sight of most people.

    Weapons & Equipment


    Hody uses a red-trident spear as his primary weapon. He rarely uses it for actual combat.

    Shark Slicer

    Shark Slicer (キリサメ Kirisame) is the large curved blade that Hody placed over his dorsal fin. With this blade, Hody could slice in half anything in his path that was in the water. This was broken off his back by Luffy.

    Energy Steroid

    Hody's Energy Steroid overdose transformation
    Hody's Energy Steroid overdose transformation

    The Energy Steroid (エネルギーステロイド, Enerugī Suteroido) is a powerful and forbidden drug that Hody stole form the Ryugu Palace when he left the military. He had Zeo duplicate it to use for their eventual takeover. Taking this drug gave incredible power, and Hody underwent a dramatic change as he continued to take the drug in massive amounts to deal with his pain.With this drug, Hody became stronger and even faster in water than a mermaid. The drug has a dangerous side effect of taking years off a person's life after using it.

    Other Media


    One Piece (1999)

    The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. Hody's first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 527 "Landing at the Fish-Man Island! Beautiful Mermaids!", which aired on December 11, 2011. His character in the Japanese series is voiced by George Nakata, and the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation has yet to announce a voice actor.

    The official FUNimation online-stream of the One Piece anime named Hody as "Hordy" in the subtitles. Luffy and Hody's battle aboard the Noah was extended in the anime edition, and Hody managed to survive a second attack of Luffy's Red Hawk strike. In the manga, the Shark Pack attack never landed. Hody used it twice in the anime, and the second time it was overpowered by Luffy's Elephant Gun.


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