Team » Hodinn appears in 20 issues.

    The Hodinn are a race of aliens in the shiar empire with the power of miniature stars.

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    Hodinn is the name of a fictional comic book race and unspecified fictional Planet in the expanse of the Shiar Empire.
    What little is known of the planet is that it has a '"stellar nurseries" in which a specified brand of Hodinn can be bread for specific purposes. G-Type was one such Hodinn bread there for the purpose of joining the Imperial Guard by order of Lilandra. G-type was groomed by Araki from infancy.

    Skills and Abilities

    The Hodinn are  composed of living solar plasma,or the equivalent of plasma heated by nuclear fusion. Their "skin" burns at the temperature of 6000 degrees Kelvin, which is the approximate temperature of the Sun. 
     They can also project hot plasma from their anywhere on their body since they produce heat from everywhere. 


    The Hodinn are normally too hot to come in contact with normal terrestrial life therefore once they leave their planets they are often outfitted with exotic armor devised by the shiar which prevents their powers from incinerating anyone in their proximity. The armor also helps them focus their powers so a Hodinn in a suite will fire energy from its exposed bodypart of from its hands. The gauntlets help them to control the amount of heat released with their plasma. 

    Physical appearance:

    Hodinn have yellow or orange skin that is in a state of constant flame. They are humanoid aliens with two hands, two feet, two eyes one nose one mouth etc. They differ from humans and shiar by being in a state of constant combustion.

    Eyes: no visible iris
    Hair: none
    Weight: unspecified
    height: unspecified

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