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    To most he is a stuffed tiger, but to Calvin, his best friend, Hobbes is a real sophisticated tiger who loves tuna. Hobbes has the more moral integrity of the two, and encourages Calvin to seek happiness from virtue instead of pranks - although he pulls off some pranks himself.

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    Hobbes is one of the main characters in Calvin & Hobbes series by Bill Watterson. He is a stuffed tiger which becomes 'real' when he's alone with Calvin, his six years old little friend. Bill Waterson says that the concept of Hobbes being a stuffed tiger to everyone else besides Calvin is because we all don't see the world the exact same way, and he literally portrays it in his comic strips.


    On the very first Calvin and Hobbes strip Calvin rigged a trap with a tuna fish sandwich so he could capture his very own tiger. However, it is later shown that Hobbes has belonged to Calvin since he was a baby, remembering that Calvin would often burp up.


    Hobbes has two sides of characteristics; the way Calvin views him, and they way everyone else sees him.

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    Stuffed Tiger- Appearing to be just an everyday stuffed tiger. This causes confusion when Calvin treats him as a real tiger.

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    Real Tiger- This version of Hobbes is more lively and more entertaining to be around. Calvin sees him as a tall (to Calvin at least) fuzzy orange tiger. He moves horizontal, when walking, and vertical, when pouncing.

    Hobbes originally had pads on his front paws but they caused a distraction, Bill had to take them out of his artwork.

    To this day, it is unknown why Hobbes appears real to Calvin and stuffed to everyone else - the most popular theories are that he is either a magical stuffed toy that only comes to life when nobody but Calvin is around or that his realness is a figment of Calvin's imagination. Watterson never revealed why, and it is still debated to this day.


    Hobbes is Calvin's best friend, they are inseparable. They go sledding together, have snowball fights, and run a club. Calvin couldn't wish for a better friend. He is more humble and less egotistical than Calvin.

    Hobbes also interacts with Calvin's neighbor, Susie. When Susie can only see him as a stuffed animal she occasionally talks to him (she doesn't believe he is a real tiger). Apparently Hobbes likes Susie, gravely annoying Calvin. Hobbes has a sense of style, and is a sela-described charmer with panache. He has a gift for rustic description. As Calvin's lieutenant of G.R.O.S.S., he has a penchant for being kidnapped by Slimy girlS, notably Rosalyn & Susie. This allows Calvin to be Susie's enemy (and friend through imaginary Hobbes) in the neighborhood, but friends with her at school.


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