Character » Hoarfen appears in 6 issues.

    Hoarfen is a gigantic wolf, apparently made from ice. His eyes are different colors and he speaks in a jagged voice.

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    The union of Fenris Wolf and the Sister of the Frost Giantess Siingard produced Hoarfen. His existence was originally supposed to be kept secret but word of it leaked out. He was meant to guard the castle of Siingard. Later on while Warriors Three, Hulk, Betty Banner, and Red Norvell and a few members of Pantheon were pursing Agamemnon to Siingards castles, he then unleashed Hoarfen to protect Agamemnon. Although his first move was telling Hoarfen to kill the green one, better known as Hulk. However Hector had just caught Agamemnon and while doing so Hoarfen had just got out. But Hoarfen's thunderous approach towards Hulk made Hector drop Agamemnon into Hulks arms. Hoarfen then grabbed the two with his mouth killing the two. Hoarfen then went on to attacking the others who attacks prove futile against Hoarfen. The attacks did not have any effect on him. Eventually Hela brought the two - Hulk and Agamemnon - back to life where they appeared in Hoarfen's mouth. The Hulk then proceeded in opening Hoarfen's mouth too wide, fracturing his mandibles. Which lead to Hoarfen fleeing the scene.


    Hoarfen was a huge powerhouse. He was 50 feet tall at the shoulders. He was very durable, able to take attacks from Thor (Red Norvell) and his hammer, Warriors three, and some of the Pantheon members. He was at class 100 as well. He was also immune to the cold and was thought to have had some other ice powers.


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