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H'Lana is the daughter of two demons. She is the consort of Lord B'liale. After B'Liale learned of Avengelyne being cast from Heaven, B'Liale sent H'Lana to tr to convert her to their demonic ways and take her soul. 
H'Lana kidnapped Avengelyne's priest friend Peter Clifton and forced Avengelyne to met her. H'Lana easily posed as Peter and tricked Avengelyne, beginning a battle on a subway train. H'Lana wished to kill Avengelyne, much to Lord B'Liale's displeasure and anger. Before H'Lana killed her foe, she was taken away from the battle.  
Later, H'Lana was given the order she wanted - to kill Avengelyne. She was nearly successful, having her full demonic powers while Avengelyne had no angelic powers. H'Lana did not pay enough attention, and as she was about to kill her target, she was beheaded by Peter. 

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