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    H'Kurrek was the Skrull commander in charge of the San Francisco invasion

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    Commander H'Kurrek was placed in charge of the element of the Skrull invasion fleet sent to deal with the west coast. He began his intended conquest in San Fransisco, the new home of the X-Men though he was unaware of that fact. Upon his arrival he began his assault with the dropships, ordering them to engage and lay down a supressive fire. He also cut off all forms of Communications, including radio-waves, and television signals. Knowing that they would have to occupy the planet later, and live with it's inhabitants, he ordred the captains to be ruthless but to make sure they were not cruel. His point was to make the message that the world belonged to the Skrull's clear.

    Having recieved reports before the invasion began, H'Kurrek was under the impression their was almost no super-human activity in the city and at first sent normal troops to take control. H'Kurrek's forces at first met little resistance, they were able to take a vast majority of the city quickly and without incident. They first met resistance about 15 minutes north of Divisadero, in the form of the local police and S.W.A.T. teams. His forces had no trouble dealing with the "threat" and quickly began to destroy them. Just as the last of the cops were about to be beaten and subdued, Cyclops arrived with his X-Men in tow. They were able to easily best the forces deployed in San Fran, and force them back.

    Losing contact with his ground forces, H'Kurrek asked for a status report, though not much was known as his subordinates were attempting to track the X-Men's teleportations. He the ordred the Super-Skrull's under his command get ready to go to the surface to deal with the threat, as well as that the Though-Wall be engaged. After being notified that the Though-Wall was maximal, cutting off the X-Men's communication capabilities, he ordred the Super-Skrull's be deployed.  

    While his Super-Skrull's dealt with the X-Men, H'Kurrek dealt with the rest of the Invasion tactically placing troops, beam-cannons, and gaining control of the water supply. When his subordinate Lieutenant Jash brought him news of the X-Men's retreat he used it as a teaching momment. He pointed out that even though they'd retreated, the X-Men wouldn't stop fighting back. Working together, rather leading Jash to the conclusions, H'Kurrek ordred perimeter sweeps, search-drones that could detect the x-gene, and to keep the though-wall running in preparation. He was confident that the X-Men would come to the Skrulls.

    When the X-Men began their attack, it seemed simultanous fronts were opened at once. Though his subordinates missed it, H'Kurrek caught that they wre almost simultaneous, with only second interval's between. He realized that they were using their mutant teleporters to transport their troops into battle and make tactical retreats, effectively waging a gorilla war. He ordred that the drones be set to search only for those known X-Men with the ability to teleport, knowing as long as the X-Men stuck to that strategy for a time he'd be able to first track and the predict their movements.

    The plan worked, eventually they were able to anticipate and catch Pixie. Showing an interest in her, H'Kurrek ordered her dissected after capture, an dispatched a Super-Skrull to capture her. He was suprised when the Super-Skrull was lost, he had been played by the X-Men's leader Cylcops. He had anticipated the Commander's moves and used them to lay a trap for his X-Force to capture a  specimen of his own for study. The maneuver earned him H'Kurrek's respect.

    Growing tired of the battle with the X-Men, H'Kurrek set up a plan to ensure their surrender. He gathered thousands of inoccent people and placed them in multiple buildings over a 10 square block radius. He then ordered his drop-ships to lower and level their weapons on the buildings. As this was being done, he took yet another oppurtunity to teach Jash, questioning him on the honor in the deaths of unarmed men, women, and children. He is partially pleased with Jash's answer about it depending on the goal accomplished, though Jash fails to realize the correct one. H'Kurrek explains that the point of this is to force the X-Men to fight and die on their terms, where they can use their superior numbers and the Super-Skrulls to ensure victory. He then has the weapons controls enslaved to his station.

    The commander then requests for one of his remaining telepaths to come to him, and has her broadcast his thoughts knowing that the X-Men would easily pick them up. He then explains to the X-Men what he's done, and that the guns he has trained on the buildings are all guarded by Super-Skrulls. He then gives the X-Men 10 minutes to surrender, or he will begin to fire on the buildings. When they fail to show in the alloted time, he begins ordering the ships to fire. Knowing their capabilities, and planning for an expected attempt at heroism,  he orders that the targets be chosen randomly by the computer and that the gun crews work from alternate sites, so the X-Men cannot read the targets from their minds. When the X-Men begin to teleport in around the ship, he orders the crews to stand down to see what they'll do.

    When the X-Men surrender, he dispatches Jash to bring Cyclops to him. H'Kurrek congratulates Cyclops on the guerrilla war he's managed to fight, and greats him as a brother and equal, a proposal that Cyclops finds isulting. While disinheartned by his response, H'Kurrek orders him taken away, before Cyclops reveals that he never said they surrendered. At the same time, one of his ships crashes unexpectantly, and unexplained into a building. Cyclops reveals the use of the Legacy Virus, and that it is currently on the clothing of every X-Men and being spread to the entire fleet. He also reveals he has a cure, if the Skrulls agree to surrender and leave.

    Instead of surrendering and agreeing to Cyclops terms, H'Kurrek instead orders all Skrull's back to their ships. He gives an insiprational and motivational speech to his troops, before activating the Mother-Ship's slef-destruct code. Bringing the entire fleet together, he allows them to be destroyed, and makes sure no other Skrulls will suffer the same fate.


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