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    The H.I.V.E. Five is a super villain team in the Teen Titans animated series.

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    The HIVE Five was formed by a group of former HIVE Academy students following the destruction of the HIVE Academy by Cyborg. In their first appearance, the group consisted of Jinx, who acted as leader, Gizmo, Mammoth, Private HIVE, and See-More.


    The HIVE Five was originally created for the Teen Titans television series, clearly based on the original Fearsome Five and drawing influence from HIVE. They made their first appearance in comics in Teen Titans Go! #26 written by J. Torres and drawn by Mike Norton.

    Team Evolution

    The HIVE Five appears to have a semi-permanent rotating membership, and despite the name does not always consist of five members. Following their initial appearance, Private HIVE was rotated out and replaced with both Billy Numerous and Kyd Wykkyd. Occasionally Kyd Wykkyd is also absent from the team. After Jinx left the team to pursue a life of heroism, she was replaced as leader by Gizmo.

    Major Story Arcs

    Teen Titans Go!

    Various iterations of the team appear as minor villains, typically engaged in petty crimes.

    Other Media


    Teen Titans

    The HIVE Five appear as recurring villains in four episodes in this series. They make their first appearance as a team in "Mother Mae-Eye," and are later shown allying with the Brotherhood of Evil. Most members are frozen along with other Brotherhood members at the end of "Titans Together."

    Teen Titans Go!

    The HIVE Five appear as a minor background villain team in eleven episodes of this series. They make their first appearance in "Super Robin."


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