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In the extremely funny and violent fourth volume of the HITMAN series, Tommy Monaghan's past comes back to haunt him once again. Angered by Tommy's previous attack against them, the Arkannone, a cabal of creatures residing in Hell, send the 10-foot tall skeletal demon Mawzir on a mission of revenge. Realizing that his X-ray vision and telepathy are no match for the six-armed, artillery-toting hell spawn, Hitman sends Catwoman and Etrigan the Demon on a quest to hell to retrieve the one weapon that can stop Mawzir, the gun known as the "Ace of Killers." But can a man who is paid to trust a cat burglar and a duplicitous demon escape with his life?

Back Blurb

Hell Demands Its Due.

Tommy Monaghan has made a few enemies in his time --- it's an occupational hazard for any professional hitman. But while Tommy's special abilities (x-ray vision, telepathy, a winning smile) have brought him many highly profitable assignments, they've also put him on the bad side of some particularly unforgiving and vengeful demons.

Fortunately, Tommy has friends in low places, and their firepower --- if not their sobriety --- rivals that of your average S.W.A.T. team. Unfortunately, while Tommy's human allies are (mostly) trustworthy, the same can't be said for a certain hellspawn who holds the key to everyone's survival in his sulfurous hands.

Bear-soaked, bullet-riddled and napalm-drenched, HITMAN: ACE OF KILLERS collects issues 15-22 of the ultra-violent and ultra-funny series from creators Garth Ennis (PREACHER) and John McCrea (THE DEMON).

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