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Major Story Arcs

Devil Quest

Hitchcock Blue is one of several clones, each of which is apparently a different color. They are among the most elite and feared warriors and bounty hunters of their time. For clothes, he often only wears an unusually large gold codpiece, with a trench coat on top.

Wyotek Jones, a vicelord who is against the reign of the weak Grendel-Khan, Jupiter III, hears that the Khan is going to hire the Session twins to find Grendel-Prime, the cyborg who once helped Jupiter I gain his power. Jones hires Hitchcock Blue to find Prime first.

Hitchcock Blue hears that the underworld figure Vaseline Tsunami has had direct dealings with Grendel-Prime. Prime has been buying slaves from him. Hitchcock Blue makes his way to Tsunami's base in Pigsville, walking alone through the desert to the criminal city. When he gets there, he fights his way through most of the clientele at Tsunami's bar until they let him speak to him.

Hitchcock Blue beating up some guys who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Hitchcock Blue beating up some guys who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

After buying the information about Grendel-Prime from Tsunami, he eventually finds Prime's base, but too late. The Session Twins have already been there, and Grendel-Prime was seemingly destroyed (actually he was sent into the past, as seen in the Batman/Grendel crossover). Hitchcock Blue finds a fragment of the "true skull"--Hunter Rose's skull--that Grendel-Prime and his scientist partner, Dr. Creach, were using in their experiments. Hitchcock Blue is angry, apparently having a past rivalry with Brilla Session in particular.

Despondent over his bad luck, he talks about his experiences with an aborigine on an island somewhere, then tosses the skull fragment away and leaves. Only a short time later, and without Hitchcock Blue's knowledge, Grendel-Prime returns from the past, popping out of a warp hole created by the fragment.

Powers and Abilities

Hitchcock Blue is a very dangerous combatant. He is capable of killing a jaguar in unarmed single combat. When armed, he can easily defeat a room full of armed, trained warriors. He carries throwing spikes and disks, which he can throw with a high degree of accuracy and lethality, bouncing the disk around until it returns to him. He can punch through someone's body.

His senses are all enhanced, to the degree that normal sounds hurt his ears; he can tell that someone has a gun by smelling the gun oil. He prefers the pure silence of the desert.

He has impressive endurance and speed. For instance he is capable of walking 70 miles in the desert in one day with a heavy pack.


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