Character » Hitaki appears in 33 issues.

    A member of the ABC Warriors programmed to fight like a samurai.

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    Originally built by the Black Dragon Kai, a secret society dedicated to restoring the Japanese Empire, Hitaki was programmed to act like the samurai and kamikazes of old.


    Created by Pat Mills and Bryan Talbot, Hitaki appears in the 2000AD series of Nemesis the Warlock and the ABC Warriors.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hitaki was one of several ABC Warrior robots used by Torquemada's Terminators during their battle to destroy the Gothic Empire. Hitaki wound up working with Hammerstein and Mad Ronn, joining them on a suicide mission to kill Queen Victoria. Fortunately for the reprogrammed warriors, they were stopped by Nemesis, who then used them to fight back against the forces of Termite.

    Now a member of the ABC Warriors that had been newly reformed by Nemesis, Hitaki dutifully served with them. Unfortunately, in a battle against a force called Monad, Hitaki was decapitated and his aimless body began running wild, endangering his comrades. Mek Quake gladly crushed Hitaki's body to stop it. Hitaki's severed head could not survive on its own, but he had just enough time to assure Hammerstein that he was prepared to die like a true samurai before his power ran out.


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