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Hit-Girl spins off into her own blood-soaked series by the sales-busting creative team of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. This story takes place between Kick-Ass volumes 1 and 2 as Mindy McCready tries to settle into life as a regular school-girl, but wants nothing more to be dispensing hot justice to the scum of New York City. Her mother and step-father think she’s doing her homework, but in reality she’s taken Kick-Ass on as her sidekick and training him up to punch, shoot and stab... just like Daddy would have wanted. A limited edition variant by Leandro Fernandez will be released for this issue.

Some of Ralphie Genovese's guys beat up, and kill the Silver Beetle trying to get information on Kick Ass and Hit Girl

The next morning Mindy McCready wakes up, kisses her mother and step father, Marcus and goes to school where she is teased by Debbie and her click of girls. Mindy is hurt by their insults but is more excited to show David her plan to take down Ralphie Genovese. They then make plans to meet up later that night in costume.

At Big Daddy's grave Mindy cries over the loss of her father.

At Rykers Island, Ralphie Genovese, orders his crew to find Kick Ass, and his nephew Chris.

Later that night Kick Ass and Hit Girl meet at Safe House C. There Hit Girl swears Kick Ass in as her sidekick. She also describes to him her father's legacy and how important it is they continue his mission.

At Chris Genovese's up state house, Chris surprises his mother by telling her he is now a super villain and calling himself the Red Mist. He then leaves his mother with the parting words "it's time to commit the first super-crime."



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Opening Remarks:I’d almost forgotten this was added to my pull list a while back and seeing as I wasn’t thrilled by Kick-Ass 2, I was cautiously hopeful about this issue. I do discuss some scenes in the book that I found particularly nice and interesting so these could be considered to be spoilers.The Good:The pacing of the issue is very nice as the story unfolds in a way that is easy to follow, logical, and just has a nice feel to it. There are a nice few pages that show Mindy having a pleasant...

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